There is a vibrant community of Christmas lovers online with activities to celebrate Christmas year round. This is news of what the community is doing.

The Five Most Essential Movies of Christmas

By Lloyd Larsen — Guest Blogger on My Merry Christmas The history of film is slowly watering down the quality that was once fairly exclusive to Christmas. Recent releases with Christmas themes such as “The Night Before” has taken the once proud genre of Christmas and cast it as a suspect reason for even making […]

A Christmas Mission Accomplished

I have been waiting until our Christmas-in-July celebrations to tell this story. Last year we added several names to a project we call Operation Christmas Cheer. This is a simple little effort we make to reach out and send a little love to folks who could use it through our Christmas cards. These folks could […]

The Great Christmas Social Media Survey

Christmas is a social media event and there are a million ways to find Christmas online. While we like to think we have it all covered we know there are literally thousands of resources out there dedicated to Christmas. And we want to find them all. We’re looking to find new, unique websites, apps, Facebook […]

Hop on Santa’s Sleigh

Every year we engineer an effort that we call Santa’s Sleigh. Our simple goal is to anonymously give a little Christmas to families or individuals in need. Santa’s Sleigh partners with churches, service organizations, hospitals and charitable groups to reach out in a personal way without disclosing who we are. This is done through what […]

Lessons from a Christmas with No Money

The best Christmas we ever had was the Christmas when we had nothing. A series of events during a difficult year led to that best Christmas. In early April I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A rush of doctor visits, a surgery, and months of recovery led to an extended period of time away from […]

Special Christmas-in-July Celebration Scheduled Online

My Merry Christmas is pleased to announce a grand celebration of Christmas-in-July beginning at 6am Eastern Daylight Time on July 23rd and running until 5am on July 25th on the Merry Forums of My Merry Christmas with support from Kringle Radio. Kringle Radio will be re-broadcasting the radio program originating from the North Pole last […]

Enter the Annual Christmas Writing Contest pleased to announce the 2014 Louann Jeffries Christmas Writing Contest, offering a $250 cash prize to the winner. Some of the very best original Christmas stories and features on My Merry Christmas have come from similar events in the past. We invite writers and aspiring writers of all ages to submit their best stories […]

Operation Christmas Cheer

Under the auspices of Santa’s Sleigh we run a simple effort every year, something we call Operation Christmas Cheer. Operation Christmas Cheer aims to make the holiday season brighter for some folks who might not be able to enjoy it as in years past. The inspiration for this, candidly, was my Mom, who had seen […]