The first tradition of Christmas is anticipating it. Nowhere is the countdown to Christmas more prolific than right here on MMC.

Jingle Bells Day

On this day in 1893 the world lost James Pierpoint, composer of the most recognizable song of Christmas, Jingle Bells. The date of his death — August 5th — marks just 142 remaining days until Christmas. While Jingle Bells, like its best selling cousin White Christmas, isn’t even a Christmas song its composer was no […]

Clement Clarke Moore Day

Today is July 15th and there are only 163 days left until Christmas. Today marks the 236th birthday of Clement Clarke Moore, author of “A Visit from St. Nicholas” or, as it is better known, Twas the Night Before Christmas. Moore doesn’t get the love that Charles Dickens receives but his Christmas creation is likely […]

Sleigh Ride Day

On this date in 1946 American composer Leroy Anderson penned the holiday favorite, Sleigh Ride. Though long associated with Christmas and played each holiday season as a classic Sleigh Ride was never officially a Christmas song. But given its cult status as staple of the season, we declare today Sleigh Ride Day of Christmas. There […]

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas Day

On this summer day in 1953 Gayla Peevey recorded one of the biggest novelty hits of Christmas, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. We declared today to be I Want a Hippopotamus Day of Christmas, with just 169 days remaining until Christmas. Peevey was a child star from Oklahoma with a five year contract with […]

Leon Day

Today is a day long anticipated by those who countdown to Christmas: it’s Leon Day. Leon Day marks the exact half way mark to Christmas. It’s all down hill from here. Why is it called Leon Day? Leon is Noel spelled backwards. The history of Leon Day is a bit murky. While counting down to […]

We Need a Little Christmas

Today is the 24th of May and there remains only 215 days in our countdown to Christmas. On this date of May 24th in 1966 the Broadway musical Mame made it’s debut starring Angela Lansbury in the title role, bringing the song (and many others) We Need a Little Christmas to the vast collection of […]

Mr. Krueger’s Christmas Day

Today is May 22nd, 2015 and there are only 217 days until Christmas. This week has been an epic celebration in the countdown to Christmas. It kicked off with Frank Capra’s birthday and featured as well the birthday of James Stewart. On this day we celebrate the now-Christmas classic short film, Mr. Krueger’s Christmas, or, […]

Frank Capra Day

Today is Monday, May 18th and there are only 221 days left until Christmas. It is also Frank Capra Day. Who is Frank Capra? Born on this day in Italy in 1897 Frank Capra would become perhaps one of the most famous movie directors of all time especially for his creative big screen works of […]

Fruitcake Toss Day

Today is January 3rd and there are only 356 days until Christmas. It is National Fruit Cake Toss Day and no, we’re not kidding. The first Fruitcake Toss Day was celebrated in Manitou Springs, Colorado in 1995 where it is still celebrated today. Check it out: We haven’t seen their 2014 video yet. There is […]