Christmas MusicChristmas music is one of the most cherished elements of the season. Name any other day or season on the calendar that celebrates with music. Nothing matches Christmas in its celebration through song. And those traditions date back hundreds of years long before the advent of modern recording technology. Like all things associated with the season music dovetails with history and tradition that makes celebrating Christmas a rich and satisfying part of our lives. We approach holiday music in two ways here at My Merry Christmas: in the features of this section and in the Merry Podcast — where Christmas music isn’t just explained it is shared. And because Christmas music continually evolves and expands we also explore new release music coming out every holiday season.

Best of New Christmas Music from Emily Hearn

Is it possible to release a new Christmas album full of traditional favorites…and just skip the fancy YouTube productions? It is when your voice is pure, your talent obvious and your music is just made for radio. That is what Emily Hearn has accomplished with her Christmas album: Hearn, whose songwriting and raw-quality pop sound […]

Virtual Hallelujah Chorus

Imagine combining the voices of thousands in a massive performance of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus. That was the vision in the creation of this video from just a few year ago: How many of us have imagined ourselves singing like this? How many of us have belted out our part of the Hallelujah Chorus while in […]

Best New Christmas Music from Mason Ramsey

Have you seen this kid, Mason Ramsey? Chances are you have. A year ago he was just another 11 year old kid from the midwest, likely tracking Santa and dreaming of a white Christmas. This year he is practically as famous as Santa and singing White Christmas — for millions. Only the age of the […]

Best of New Christmas Music from the Tabernacle Choir

Christmas and choir music just go together. The Tabernacle Choir is not afraid to tackle any song of Christmas but nowhere do they shine better than on the traditional, simple songs of Christmas such as O Little Town of Bethlehem. They are, quite literally, a choir of angels: The all-volunteer choir actually puts out new […]

Best New Christmas Music from Grant Maloy Smith

Christmas music is unique in that it can uplift, inspire and entertain in a variety of ways. Stories within the music give us teachable moments for all ages. In fact, Christmas carols were intended to do just that — to teach children. Great music makers today do the same thing. Here is a new release […]

Best of New Christmas Music from David Archuleta

Ever since Mariah Carey launched All I Want for Christmas is You the world has been seeking a new, uptempo Christmas pop song. Maybe we have found a worthy successor from this new tune from David Archuleta: Archuleta has been a brave pioneer in pop music by going his own way since his breakout on […]

Best of New Christmas Music from John Legend

Easily the most anticipated and hyped album of the 2018 season has been John Legend’s Legendary Christmas. The album has been out since October, promoted on tour and has been even the backdrop for an NBC television special. It has been hard to miss. Fortunately, Legend’s warm style mixes well with old standards. After all, […]

Best New Christmas Music from Rehya Stevens

The strategy many emerging artists tend to take with Christmas music is to just Bing it up and release a sing of White Christmas. It’s safe, it showcases their talent and it is known. It’s also boring. Rehya Stevens is not one to take the path of least resistance. In her new album Celebrate Rehya […]

Best of New Christmas Music from Trace Adkins

I always hesistate to post reviews of new music from established stars. You get only two types of responses. It is either over-the-top love from gushing fans or bitter criticism from those who hate all things associated with the artist. Fame has a way of bringing out the weird in people. So does Christmas. Not […]