Christmas News

Christmas news is constantly breaking. While we hear about it in the world of politics and government without ceasing during the season it makes news year round as well in areas of culture and religion. In this merry section of MMC we explore all the breaking news of Christmas.

Best of New Christmas Music from Yohan Kim

Here is a showcase of incredible talent from a young South Korean pianist named Yohan Kim. He made a splash on Youtube a few years ago as a 13 year old. But to listen to this now…wow. Just wow: There is so much talent here it is almost breathtaking to watch. I just cannot wait […]

Best of New Christmas Music from Def Leppard

Here is a new Christmas song that does my heart much good. Aging rockers Def Leppard — a group I have been a rabid fan of for decades and that I can glad admit has annoyed both my mother and my children — has released a pretty decent Christmas rock ballad called We All Need […]

Best New Christmas Music from First to Eleven

Get your Christmas week off to a hot start with this new jam from First to Eleven. What’s not to like? It’s a classic song of Christmas, a great lead singer, a dude in a Santa suit on the drums and a guitar solo to get your heart started. Everything about this is merry and […]

Best of New Christmas Music from Richard Elliott

The annual Christmas concert by the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square is one of the toughest tickets to get in Salt Lake City and the show always goes on to air nationally on PBS. One of the unheralded heroes of the annual event is organist Richard Elliott, whose solo performance always brings down […]

Best New Christmas Music from Home Free

There are many songs of Christmas that are not, well, Christmas. This is one of them. But it is a Christmas song. I know — but hang with me here a minute. Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland, Baby It’s Cold Outside — are all Christmas songs that do not even mention Christmas. Yet they have a […]

Baby, It’s Climbing the Charts

Only a week after Baby, It’s Cold Outside was banned on two major radio stations in Ohio and California the song is seeing resurgent popularity on Billboard’s charts. The song appeared three times on Billboard’s Holiday Digital Song Sales Chart, which is the most for any title. In fact, the song’s recent climb represents the […]

Best of New Christmas Music from BYU Vocal Point

The great thing about Christmas music is that it comes in all varieties. From the sacred to the secular, whatever your mood there is always something in Christmas to be found. An artist can either ride the wave of emotion — or blow it. I recently saw a video of an epic, dramatic rendition of […]

Best of New Christmas Music from Emily Hearn

Is it possible to release a new Christmas album full of traditional favorites…and just skip the fancy YouTube productions? It is when your voice is pure, your talent obvious and your music is just made for radio. That is what Emily Hearn has accomplished with her Christmas album: Hearn, whose songwriting and raw-quality pop sound […]

Best New Christmas Music from Mason Ramsey

Have you seen this kid, Mason Ramsey? Chances are you have. A year ago he was just another 11 year old kid from the midwest, likely tracking Santa and dreaming of a white Christmas. This year he is practically as famous as Santa and singing White Christmas — for millions. Only the age of the […]