Christmas Online

Christmas online is unlike the Christmas of our pilgrim and pioneer past. It is better because it is everywhere and always accessible. From sites like this to social media, Christmas can be had in the palm of your hand in every form: movies, music, discussions — even shopping. In this section of MyMerryChristmas we talk about all things pertaining to Christmas online.

Introducing The Christmas Hall of Fame

Over the years we have openly mused in dicussion on the Merry Forums — who would we put in a Christmas Hall of Fame? We no longer need to wonder about that question. We can now do something about it. We can approach all the great debates of Christmas and settle them: Who played the […]

Great Ways to Celebrate Leon Day

The celebration of Leon Day is a real thing. Every June 24-25th Leon Day comes around to remind that the year, at last, has turned the corner on Christmas. It’s the halfway mark to Christmas, a kind of merry hump day for those who love the countdown to Christmas. Don’t laugh. Counting down to Christmas […]

Christmas on Social Media

Cecilia Johnson did not mean any harm when she did it. In late November of 2015, as a 9-year-old neighbor boy lay dying of cancer, Cecilia took up the cause of having Christmas cards sent to him. The boy had expressed a desire to fill his walls with Christmas pictures and this seemed a simple […]

Reaching Out to Serve at Christmas

Christmas represents for many people an ideal time to think of others. Many have time off, some have extra resources and most have a desire to lend a hand at this time of the year. That is one of the keystone message of Christmas. But finding opportunities to serve is not always so obvious for […]

The Great Christmas Social Media Survey

Christmas is a social media event and there are a million ways to find Christmas online. While we like to think we have it all covered we know there are literally thousands of resources out there dedicated to Christmas. And we want to find them all. We’re looking to find new, unique websites, apps, Facebook […]

Facebook Knows What You Want for Christmas

Facebook knows better than Santa what everyone in your house wants for Christmas – and they are going to make sure you will know what’s on their wish list. It’s a whole new world of creepy advertising. And you made it all possible. When you signed up for Facebook you granted the world’s most prolific […]

The Many Memes of Christmas

Christmas memes have become not only a staple of each holiday season online but they have found a place year round. Christmas, it seems, has memes for every season. There is an entire generation – or two – that does not understand the idea of memes at all. And there is yet another generation that […]

Christmas Peace

Perhaps no bigger theme will be advanced by us this holiday season than the message of peace. It is a timely subject no matter where you live in the world. In this new video from the LDS Church, which is really a post-Thanksgiving tradition every year, the core message of peace and the need of […]

Christmas Haters

There is a whole new generation of Christmas lovers out there and they face things a lot of us older Christmas fanatics have never had to endure: the Christmas Hater. The following video is from a very popular YouTube star, Colleen Ballinger, who is talented, funny and — it turns out — a Christmas lover. […]

Christmas and Star Wars

What in the world has Star Wars got to do with Christmas? Below is one of the most watched Christmas lights videos of the season and it is completely Star Wars themed. We don’t have anything against Star Wars. We loved it. But we fail to see the merry connection. There is nothing about Darth […]

Spread a Little Christmas via The Kringle Project

Is it possible to make the Christmas spirit go viral…offline? That’s the hope and simple mission of something called The Kringle Project. Here’s how it works: Take an ornament, add a tag to it that includes the hashtag #KRINGLEPROJECT, and then hang it somewhere unexpected out in the great wide world. The hope is that […]