Christmas video is seen on devices large and small. The YouTube generation has literally changed the way we watch Christmas.

The Christ Child

A new minimalist short film has been released depicting the birth of Christ in a more Biblical way. The Nativity story has been so romanticized in film, song and the written word for so long it is refreshing to see the story set back in a more original context. The result is a richly human […]

Great Christmas Video from the Glitter Bomber

Honestly, this has not been a great year for the non-musical Christmas video. Usually we get a host of Christmas light videos, Christmas pranks or Christmas-themed story telling coming out of YouTube but this year has been fairly boring in that realm. Until now. What follows here could be the Christmas-Video-of-the-Year. Seriously. It’s a little […]

Christmas Travel

Are you traveling for Christmas? Experts are saying that with this year’s extended Christmas weekend the travel worldwide could be off the charts. You are going to need endless patience, probably more money, and a little sense of humor: Tim Hawkins is a rarity in comedy. He’s clean — and he is funny. Known to […]

Virtual Hallelujah Chorus

Imagine combining the voices of thousands in a massive performance of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus. That was the vision in the creation of this video from just a few year ago: How many of us have imagined ourselves singing like this? How many of us have belted out our part of the Hallelujah Chorus while in […]

Beautiful Messaging of Christmas Commercials

What makes Christmas commercials so different than other commercials we see on television? It is like the fact they tell stories that inspire and leave the selling to mere suggestion. Once upon a time American marketers were great storytellers. The commercials of Christmas past brought us things like the Coke truck and images of snowy […]

This Christmas and Jingle Bells Mashup by Anthem Lights

Something old and something new…ish. The video below by Anthem Lights is a mashup of Jingle Bells (old) and This Christmas (newish). Surprisingly, it’s a good fit with this talented arrangement: Anthem Lights is a Christian pop group based in Nashville, Tennessee. They were formed in 2011, the year their first EP topped out at […]

Songs of Praise as Christmas Music

In the most recent episode of the Merry Podcast we discuss a trend in Christmas music that sees traditional songs of praise released on Christmas albums. Here is a great example of that in the latest video from Peter Hollens and his new Christmas album titled A Hollens Family Christmas features Amazing Grace with the […]

The Best Christmas Carol You Have Never Heard

Some Christmas carols are so old it is hard to tell which is older — the lyrics or the tune. Below is a carol thought to be one of the oldest Christmas tunes ever. Few today know it well and it is presented here as something new and fresh to Christmas music fans. 500 years […]

Kenzie Nimmo Releases Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Kenzie Nimmo kicks off the rush of new Christmas music videos with this minimal and stirring version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Take a listen: Singer-songwriter Kenzie Nimmo is well known for her cover songs which she posts to her enormously popular Vine account and highly subscribed YouTube channel as well. She released […]