Christmas video is seen on devices large and small. The YouTube generation has literally changed the way we watch Christmas.

Christmas Haters

There is a whole new generation of Christmas lovers out there and they face things a lot of us older Christmas fanatics have never had to endure: the Christmas Hater. The following video is from a very popular YouTube star, Colleen Ballinger, who is talented, funny and — it turns out — a Christmas lover. […]

Johnson Light Show Fires Up in San Antonio

The Johnson Family Christmas Lights are pretty famous. They were a hit in San Antonio long before being featured on the Great Christmas Light Fight. This display likes to bill itself as “non-traditional” and right away it smacks the viewer as something very different. They explain: There are no inflatables, characters, blow molds, or other […]

Disturbed Christmas

It is that time of year again, folks — time for the Christmas light showcase. Our first entry this year rocks: it’s Disturbed Christmas and even if this isn’t your cup of Christmas tea in terms of music you gotta admire the technical detail of this light display — hang on til the guitar solo:

Katy Perry’s Forgettable Christmas Song

Some are saying this is the new viral video of Christmas. We cannot imagine why. This video is emblematic of nearly everything wrong with Christmas today. It’s boring, it’s over-the-top, it is commercial and there is nothing original about it. But you’re going to watch it anyway because it’s Katy Perry. Oh, and the music? […]

Singing with Drumsticks

For three years we have avoided sharing this video. That’s how much we don’t like this song. But, nearly 20 million views over three years makes this song something of a tradition — to somebody out there. It comes from Nicole Westbrook who uses — no kidding — a turkey leg as a microphone to […]

Mistletoe Research

So what happens if you pretend to be a survey taker and your tool of the trade is mistletoe? Here’s a famous prank duplicated now the world over:

Lindsey Stirling Performs What Child is This

She’s world famous now. But just a few years ago when she made this video you had to be a YouTube freak to know her. Here is one of her few Christmas contributions:

Lego Christmas Tree

Shopping malls everywhere compete for bragging rights all the time but here’s one that needs more competition — the Lego Christmas tree. If ever there was a real holiday contest to be waged, it’s this one. Who can build the biggest one? One mall in Australia has it down to a science apparently. This video […]

Santa Express Rides Again

Imagine the scene somewhere in small town America — it’s December, it’s cold, and the only Christmas cheer in your tiny town are the few lights the town can afford to put out and it’s not much. But then, on one magical evening Santa rolls into town on his Santa Express — a 50 foot […]