The frugal Christmas is loved by some, loathed by others. Money should never define Christmas. But Christmas can be done well even by those who watch their pennies.

Lessons from a Christmas with No Money

The best Christmas we ever had was the Christmas when we had nothing. A series of events during a difficult year led to that best Christmas. In early April I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A rush of doctor visits, a surgery, and months of recovery led to an extended period of time away from […]

Five Ways to Save Money on Christmas in August

Not many have Christmas yet on their mind as the calendar turns to August. But this is actually a great time of year to save money items you purchase to either use or gift at Christmas. Here is what’s cheap in the dog days of summer: 1. Purchase travel – Planning a Christmas getaway? Buy […]

Christmas Where Less is More

By Maxine H. Goble Exclusive to My Merry When it comes to Christmas we have evolved as a family. I grew up in a family where Christmas was a grand tradition. Life on a Wisconsin farm meant that money was always tight and Christmas was a means of getting necessities that doubled as gifts. […]

Ideas for Frugal Gift Giving

By B. Francis Morlan “The year was 1931, I was 7 years old and I had the best Christmas,” Charles Barsdale says. As he nears age 87, his wide open grey eyes appear to twikle. The memory touches him deeply. “My father walked me to the store and spent fifteen cents on my Christmas present.” […]

The Delicate Art of Regifting

By Andrew Wilkins Christmas might be a season of goodwill and peace on earth but it is not without its controversies. Real versus artificial trees, opening presents on Christmas Eve versus Christmas morning or Santa versus No Santa are nothing to debate compared to the practice of regifting. Simply put, there are no greater minefields […]

Themed Christmas Gift Giving

By Shirley Van Otten We have always given gifts as a family. When I was a kid my parents would take us out one night each year to Woolworths to do all of our Christmas shopping. There were four of us kids and Dad would take two and Mom would take two and we’d roam […]