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Are you traveling for Christmas? Experts are saying that with this year’s extended Christmas weekend the travel worldwide could be off the charts. You are going to need endless patience, probably more money, and a little sense of humor: Tim Hawkins is a rarity in comedy. He’s clean — and he is funny. Known to some as a “Christian comedian”, Tim has found fame on YouTube for his musical parodies …
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The Story of Porky Pig, Blue Christmas and a Dude Named Seymour Swine

For many years we have been asked for the back story of Porky Pig’s Blue Christmas. In case you haven’t seen this masterpiece, here it is: Editor’s Disclaimer: It seems that no matter what we post we receive contrary opinions and plenty of emails of complaint about the politically correct this or that of Christmas. Porky Pig doing Blue Christmas is going to unleash those demons in force. For the …
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Josiah, His Turkeys and His Sweetheart

(Editor’s Note: This Thanksgiving story was published sometime in the early 19th century. Like A Visit from St. Nicholas it was published as a tradition year after year in many newspapers. We found it in the Boston Traveler from 1836, though we noted it dating back as far as 1824 in another newspaper. This is a delightful look an old American Thanksgiving traditions – as well as a great story …
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Track Santa….again!

How do you track Santa in July? Tracking Santa is something we’ve done for more than a quarter of a century…and you can hear it all again as it happened just six months ago. Just click the player below to hear a special edition of the Merry Little Podcast that shares highlights from the live radio news broadcast from last Christmas Eve on Kringle Radio — straight from the North …
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What it Means to Have a White Christmas

As the days steadily march towards Christmas weathermen and prognosticators take center stage to predict — or not — a “white Christmas”. In Ohio they are saying the 2nd half of December will be too warm for much of a chance of snow on the ground come Christmas Day. In Detroit they are saying there is a very good chance at having an inch of snow on ground. And in …
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Christmas Haters

There is a whole new generation of Christmas lovers out there and they face things a lot of us older Christmas fanatics have never had to endure: the Christmas Hater. The following video is from a very popular YouTube star, Colleen Ballinger, who is talented, funny and — it turns out — a Christmas lover. She does a variety of musical and comedic stuff on YouTube and I only know …
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Barbie’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, Listen you fat little troll, I’ve been helping you out every year, playing at being the perfect Christmas Present, wearing skimpy bathing suits in frigid weather, and drowning in fake tea from one too many tea parties, and I hate to break it to ya Santa, but IT’S DEFINITELY PAY BACK TIME! There had better be some changes around here this Christmas, or I’m gonna call for a …
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Top Ten Gifts Women Don’t Want for Christmas

Guys — we gave the women your list of what not to get. Now it is time for you to understand what NOT to get her this year. Take some notes: 10. A car wash kit 9. A table saw 8. Two all-day passes to Circuit City’s Home Theatre Installation Seminar 7. A case of oil 6. Five-year subscription to Sports Illustrated 5. Custom engraved bowling ball 4. New outboard …
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Top Ten Gifts Men Don’t Want for Christmas

Ladies, please. If you’re tempted by any of these, men everywhere beg you to reconsider: 10. Anne of Avonlea/Anne of Green Gables Collectors Edition with 74 minutes of extra footage 9. Any knick-knack 8. Tickets to the ballet 7. Another new tie 6. A Bath and Body Works Soap Basket 5. New teddy bear pajamas 4. Vacuum cleaner 3. A weekend seminar on “Getting in Touch With Your Feelings” 2. …
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Christmas Greetings from Chuck

Who can top this as the most epic Christmas card of all time? By popular request we re-post this just as folks are getting ready to put together their thoughts for sending Christmas cards for the season. We don’t expect anyone, of course, to bee this creative…or dangerous…or flexible, for that matter. Still…. Chuck’s famous Christmas split was, of course, based on this wildly popular commercial by Volvo: