The Not-so-Mysterious World of Elves

By Elf Ed Zachary What do kids write to Santa when they aren’t sharing their Christmas wishes? Well, they ask Santa for a job. We’re not sure who puts them up to it. But it is a question that perplexes even the most brilliant elves at the North Pole (that would be me…oh, and Santa, […]

Biblical Proof of Santa Claus

By Elf Ed Zachary The Bible says that Santa exists. This startling revelation comes to us at the North Pole in the form of a letter from a scientist, Dr. Jasper Bumgartner. Here is the full text of what he wrote: Dear Sirs, In the interest of scientific integrity I must admit to the recent […]

Catching Santa: Ain’t Gonna Happen

When it comes to Santa simple logic just escapes people. For example, people think Santa keeps a list of kids who are “naughty” and kids who are “nice”. That story has been around for years. It ain’t true. We’ve told you that many times. And yet the story persists. It just is not logical. Nearly […]

Top Ten Reasons You Don’t Want to Be an Elf

By Elf Ed Zachary There is no doubting the ambition of every kid out there to be one of Santa’s elves. We hear it all the time. It is the most common question we get here at the North Pole: how do I become an elf? Kids, before you start sending in the emails and […]

It Ain’t About a Bird

By Elf Ed Zachary Santa gets to see every letter sent to the North Pole eventually. But he has a lot of help in answering the thousands of letters that he receives each week. He’d love to answer each one personally, but he just can’t. And, in many of the letters, the things people ask […]

When It is Not Christmas at the North Pole

By Elf Ed Zachary It nearly hit 70 degrees here the other day. Almost had to take my sweater off. That’s sweltering for the North Pole. Such is summer here. Oh, I know what you’re saying. Some of you think it is Christmas here all the time. Many have visions of endless pails of eggnog, […]

Playing Head Games with Santa

By Elf Ed Zachary Santa knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. Pretty scary, huh? But what’s the big deal? A really good cat burglar can know the same thing about you. What’s worse is that he knows if you’ve been bad or good. Think about that: he knows. The very thought […]

Santa Everywhere

Elf Ed Zachary It is the question that just won’t go away: How does Santa get around the world in one night? I’ve never been one to understand how kids can ask this question. After all, Santa never fails to appear. I’ve lived through more Christmases than almost anyone and Santa has been there for […]

Why the Big Guy is a Big Guy

By Elf Ed Zachary We live in a politically correct world these days. That means we’re careful in how we say things. For whatever reason, Christmas is a target in the battles of political correctness. In some place, folks won’t say “Merry Christmas” — they’ll say “Happy Holidays” instead because they don’t want to be […]