Vintage ChristmasVintage Christmas explores the details of how Christmas was done in the not-too-distant past. We’re talking the last 200 years.

History of Christmas Villages

As far as Christmas goes, the city of Palm Springs, California is far removed from being a Christmas village. But for Dennis Lloyd his annual return for winter time in Palm Springs signals the beginning of Christmas. He just can’t wait to get there right after Halloween each year. In a large bedroom in the […]

A Christmas Parade 1950s Style

Dating back 65 years in time this is astonishing footage from a Christmas parade in 1950 from Simcoe, Ontario, Canada in fully remastered glory:

Footage of 1920s Era Santa Training Reindeer

It must take a tremendous amount of work for Santa to train his reindeer to do what they do. For eons parents have tried to explain. Evidently the effort never ends in trying to justify or explain how Santa does what he does. In this rare vintage footage we see Santa from nearly 100 years […]