Christmas Podcast Preview

Christmas Podcast, in association with, is pleased to present the Christmas Podcast Preview – a series of special events designed to showcase coming attractions from podcast creators who specialize in Christmas.

Christmas podcasts have exploded to hundreds of available productions. Our goal with these events is to introduce our year round Christmas friends to great Christmas podcasts coming for the holiday season of 2021.

We will have four ways of doing it this year:

  1. Rudolph Day Chat on September 24th, 2021 at 7pm EST in the chatroom of the Merry Forums of There is limited availability for this intimate discussion with fans of Christmas.
  2. Special Feature on (limited availability) – Be featured on our website with permanent links to your podcast
  3. Christmas Podcaster Roundtable via Zoom – details coming soon
  4. Christmas Podcast edition of the Merry Little Podcast (limited availability) – interviews with our favorite Christmas podcasters

If you are a Christmas podcaster who would like to participate or if you are a fan of a particular Christmas podcast that you would like to be featured, please fill in the information below no later than September 20th, 2021: