Christmas Podcast Survey

Christmas Podcast Survey

We have heard from a great group of Christmas podcasters to kick off our exploration of Christmas podcasts this year. The next part of our Christmas Podcast Preview involves those who frequently listen to Christmas podcasts.

Our goal is one of discovery. We want to know from the heart of the Christmas fan just which are the best of Christmas podcasts out there and why.

We want to develop a “top ten” list of the most AWESOME Christmas podcasts out there that you listen to. We want this to be a fan-driven feature with real actual feedback and opinion.

This is not a popularity contest. We could survey and count votes. But that’s not the point. We want to hear feedback directly from Christmas podcast listeners.

When we hear your recommendations, we are going to listen to these podcasts ourselves (if we haven’t heard them already).

We will have our editors look over some podcast industry standards as it relates to these podcasts as well as evaluate the content. We will combine all of these elements into one comprehensive list of what we think the best of the best are this year. This feature will showcase YOUR feedback. We know that personal experience with a Christmas podcast is FAR more valuable than any kind of score we can assign.

The point is quality. The point is entertainment. The point is how a podcast helps with your celebration of Christmas.

Below is a form we’re using to solicit feedback.

In the form we are asking for your contact information. If your feedback is relevant we may want to talk to you and have a conversation about what you think.

The end result will be the BEST list of recommended podcasts for the 2021 season.

Merry Little Podcast

It will take us a few weeks to pull this off. But by the time we’re done, we feel we can provide a great top ten.

An email address, phone number, Merry Forums username, or social media link