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Christmas SurveyChristmas surveys run the gamut but we are pleased to announce one with a very specific purpose in mind – it is about you. The survey drops today right here on MyMerryChristmas – and on other Christmas websites, podcasts and social media channels. Thousands are being exposed to these five simple questions for one special reason:

What do you wanna hear this Christmas?

That’s the question coming from a merry band of Christmas podcasters who are yearning to do something together this Christmas. We want to gather around the tree and toss around an idea – a topic, a merry something – that is so vital and important to you that, well, doggone it – you just gotta listen to us.

We thought, based upon our good looks and great wit, we could come up with this topic all by ourselves.

Then we thought “No, we better ask!”

This isn’t a survey to settle a debate of “Merry Christmas over Happy Holidays” or to see what kind of material you would use to make a Christmas stocking.

It isn’t even a survey to deal with who sings the best version of “O Holy Night” or which cookie recipe to use on Christmas Eve.

This is a survey to get your Christmas curiosity going. This is your chance to tell us what you want to hear.

Once we know then we will use our collective talents, research skills, opinions, world views and perspectives, and vast Christmas experience to expound on it.

Who are we?

We are friends and enthusiasts of Christmas. Experts, one and all, including: The Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast, 90’s Christmas Podcast, Christmas Past Podcast, Tis the Podcast, Weird Christmas, Christmas Creeps, The Holiday Special Podcast, Deck the Hallmark Podcast, Tinsel Tunes, Advent Calendar House, and, of course, My Merry Christmas.com & The Merry Podcast.

We have years of collective online Christmas celebration, hours and hours of Christmas podcasts under our belt and lots of love for the season we all share. Why not do something like this together?

But we cannot do it without you.

So, take the survey between now and Halloween. Share it with your friends on social media. Take it more than once. Change your mind, add new ideas, make it your daily obsession between now and the end of the month – we don’t care!

Just take the survey and tell us what you think.

Then get ready to listen up and listen in as we all take your topic in different and exciting directions.

You’ll come away not only loving Christmas more and not only having expanded your own knowledge of something Christmas but you will also know where to find the best of Christmas podcasts online because, shucky-darn, you will have heard all of our voices.

Brilliant, eh?

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