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Do elves ever come to my house?

Dear Ernest,

Do elves really ever come to my house? And why would an elf come to my house?

Halifax, Canada

A lot of kids ask this question and it is a good one.

Yes, elves do come to your house — more than you can ever know.

Santa will send elves to your house for a variety reasons. Some times, they are checking for stocking mail. Did you know if you write a letter and put it in your stocking an elf will pick it up and deliver it to the North Pole.

It is a great service and you don’t have to put a stamp on it.

But elves come to your house for other reasons. Sometimes they come to talk to your Mom or Dad. Parents won’t tell you this but it is true: they just love talking to elves.

Elves could come to your house to see if it is safe for Santa to land there. They will check for changes in your house. And if you have a new pet, Santa needs to know that. He doesn’t want to frighten any little cat or dog or other pet by showing up unexpectedly. So he will send an elf around now and then to see if there are any changes at your house. And if you have a new pet then Santa himself comes around to get to know him well enough so that on Christmas Eve he doesn’t get frightened or make a lot of noise when Santa shows up.

So yes, there are lots of reasons for elves to be about your house.

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could an elf come to my house

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