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Do elves have normal jobs like policemen?

Dear Ernest,

Do elves have normal jobs like policemen, nurses or grocers?


Most excellent question!

Yes, we have elves who do “normal” stuff here at the North Pole. Elf Dr. Lionel, for example, is a doctor. He doesn’t make toys like a lot of Santa’s elves.

We have elves who are garbage men, grocers, firemen, policemen, vets, truck drivers, snow plow drivers — well, just about anything and everything. The North Pole is just like any where else. These are important jobs and someone has to do them. Because it happens at the North Pole, they are elves.

Like all elves, they have to take an oath to live by The Elf Code. And they meet with Santa every year too.

Santa loves and pays attention to all his elves.

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