Easter Bunny Surpasses Santa Claus

No, it’s not an April fool — it is a poll and Christmas fans everywhere are in mourning: it appears the Easter Bunny is more loveable than Santa Claus.

In a new poll by market research firm ePollResearch.com the Easter Bunny marks the first time any holiday character has come close to overtaking the legendary man in red. 89 percent of respondents indicated they found the Easter Bunny appealing, compared with 87 percent for Santa Claus, 84 percent for the St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun and a distant 71 percent for the Valentine’s Day Cupid.

This survey appears to back up another done before last holiday season by My Merry Christmas.com that declared that the popularity of Santa Claus was waning. That survey showed that only 48 percent maintain a positive impression of Santa Claus. 43 percent said Santa receives too much media exposure and a whopping 56 percent Santa improperly influences children at Christmastime.

Santa fans fear the popularity of Mr. Claus will continue to slide as Hollywood takes shots at the mythical history of Santa as a Norse superhero known for killing bad guys in a new movie slated for release soon.

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