Community Events

My Merry Christmas sponsors a variety of events for site users and Christmas enthusiasts each year. Most events require registration at the Merry Forums of My Merry Christmas. They include:

Christmas in July — It’s a month long Christmas celebration online! Nothing sets the mood for the season ahead than the kickstarter MMC provides during Christmas in July.

Operation Christmas Cheer — This simple little giving project sends Christmas cards to folks shut-in and maybe forgotten during the holiday season. Know someone who needs a Christmas pick-me-up? We’re on the job!

Annual Christmas Card Exchange — Imagine receiving lots of Christmas cards from all over the world! That is the purpose of the exchange and it is a cherished tradition on My Merry Christmas.

Secret Santa Exchange — You’re employed by Santa as an elf and you’ve got a stocking to fill. Following strict instruction from Santa himself you send it off to a mystery recipient…and someone sends one to you. Who is your elf? Who are you an elf for? That’s the game — to find out! For premiere members only.

Annual Christmas Ornament Exchange — Similar to our card exchange this event will bring you in personal contact with another member of our community — from anywhere in the world. You exchange ideas, addresses…and ornaments. It’s fun and you just may end up with a treasure and a life-long friend.

Annual Voice Greetings on the Merry Podcast — The Big Christmas Show of the Merry Podcast features greetings of our members from all over the world.

Top 100 Christmas Songs of All Time — What are the top 100 Christmas songs of all time? YOU decide! Only on the biggest and best Christmas venue online could such a question be answered. Every day of every year we poll our site users and get from them their votes. Click here to read the guidelines, click on the links to the voting pages and find out when we release our chart of the Christmas Top 100.

Current events as discussed on the Merry Forums:

  • Chat with Santa

    Come chat with Santa on Leon Day, June 25th. Santa joins us direct from the North Pole with a rare off-season appearance in chat. He will be found in the Santa's Office chat room at 2pm EST

  • Christmas in July

    Come celebrate Christmas in July with different events offered over a two-week period.

  • Leon Day

    It's the halfway point to Christmas!

  • Crew Chat

    An online meeting of available Christmas Crew members to talk shop.

  • Rudolph Day Chat

    Come join us each month for the Rudolph Day chat!