Annual Ornament Exchange

Exchange Ornament on MMC!

Imagine this: as the cool days of autumn give way to the colder days of winter your festive Christmas season kicks off with a surprise package in the mail around the middle of November: a Christmas ornament exchanged with another member of My Merry Christmas!

We’re pleased to announce the 13th Annual Ornament Exchange of My Merry Christmas.

It’s simple: you ship off an ornament to someone and they ship one to you!

Talk about it on the Merry Forums, personalize it as a Christmas greeting from your family and share what is sent to you with all who enter your home this holiday season. It’s fun!

To participate you must be a premiere member of My Merry Christmas.

Please see this special forum for more details.

Terms: Your personal information is used only for the purposes of the exchange. Your name and shipping address will not be shared with any other person or put on any list for any reason whatsoever. Only the person exchanging ornaments with you will have your information. Please take precautions with the information you provide, using only data you feel safe passing on to another person on the Internet. My Merry Christmas and Merry Network LLC assumes no responsibility or liability in the administration of this site feature.

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