Fight Before Christmas Movie Features Santa Divorce

Another brilliant Hollywood Christmas movie idea: have Santa and Mrs. Claus break up.

That’s the premise of a new Christmas movie in the works to be titled “Fight Before Christmas”, as announced today by Variety

The story centers on Mrs. Claus leaving Santa after 700 years of marriage and feeling unappreciated for her continued Christmas contributions. She departs just two weeks before the holiday — putting the fate of the holiday in jeopardy — so Santa flies from the North Pole to New York to win her heart back and save Christmas.

What is it with Hollywood missing the peace, love and hope of Christmas?

Why do we have to endure this endless parade of holiday trash? Love the Coopers, The Night Before, The Santa Claus III, Fred Claus, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Bad Santa — the insanity of bad movies with depressing counter-message themes just keeps coming. These movies don’t make money so why do they keep producing them?

Christmas fans are sick of these movies and starving for a modern tale of Christmas redemption, happiness and hope. Love can be a theme in Christmas movies. It’s a Wonderful Life, after all, features a love story. Heck, the story of Joseph and Mary is a love story? Why does modern Hollywood then have to split up the Clauses?

Why does Santa — a benevolent character who was in truth unmarried — perpetually get portrayed as someone who cannot manage his relationships?

We’re all for conflict and drama in Christmas movies. We even like a little comedy here and there. But Santa and Mrs. Claus divorcing is not funny. Or interesting. Or Christmasy.

It’s just a bad, bad idea.


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