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Five Ways to Save Money on Christmas in August

Not many have Christmas yet on their mind as the calendar turns to August. But this is actually a great time of year to save money items you purchase to either use or gift at Christmas. Here is what’s cheap in the dog days of summer:

1. Purchase travel – Planning a Christmas getaway? Buy those tickets now, especially for airfare – they won’t get any cheaper between now and Thanksgiving. Hotel accommodations won’t necessarily be cheap but they will be less expensive now than they will be later – and reservations now will at least you ensure you get the accommodations you want. Shop around. So many are traveling right now that bookings for December are especially plentiful and aggressively priced right now.

2. Clothes are cheaper now – Back to School time is a great time to buy Christmas apparel. But be careful. You don’t want to be buying light weight items that are inappropriate for the colder months ahead. So be choosey. Staple items such as jeans, underwear and socks will not be cheaper before Christmas than they are right now.

3. Electronics – large electronics such as TVs and appliances are better saved for purchase in November but right now is the best time to purchase digital cameras, phones, and other small electronics because the end of the model year is fast approaching. Most manufacturers launch their latest-and-greatest just before Christmas to maximize sales and that means all of last year’s stuff has to go – and it is priced cheap. The life cycle of most modern electronics is far advanced and there is less to make new models more attractive than before. In other words, last year’s hot digital camera is just fine under this year’s Christmas tree.

4. Party goods – Surprised? Things like plastic cups, paper napkins, and server ware are priced cheap as summer represents the end of peak selling for those items. While finding Santa-themed products is not likely you will find plenty of stock in holiday colors of red, green and white all priced to move right now. Stocking up ahead of December will save some money because they will not be discounted then.

5. Winter Wear – This always catches people off guard. But it is quite simple. People buy hats, coats and gloves when it cold. And we’re months away from cold. There is a mix between new and old stock on retailer shelves right now. And it is all priced cheap right now. And that’s because that product is NOT moving. Of course, that all changes come mid-October. But between now and then the discounts are pretty decent.

Savvy shoppers are wise to get these basics in holiday spending behind them now. That way the discounts can really be shopped for when they are offered during the month-long shop fest known as Black Friday.

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