Santa's Sleigh

More than a decade ago we began a community effort to give back each Christmas through a project we call Santa's Sleigh.

Our goal each Christmas season is to help provide a modest Christmas for families in need.

We partner with churches and licensed charitable organizations to identify a family and provide them with the resources we can to help.

Usually it comes in the form of money but occasionally we have been able to provide other things as well -- blankets, food baskets, utility bill payments, medical supplies, etc. It just depends on the need.

One year we helped a disabled boy with the purchase of a vehicle that could accommodate him. Another year we were blessed to be able to pay off the heating bill for a struggling single mom. Our efforts might not be glamorous but we help fill the gaps when the good work of local charities need a little boost.

Click here to read of an experience we had last year with Santa's Sleigh.

Almost always these efforts are focused in communities where our members live.

We accept donations of any size and 100% of them are allocated for the cause. There is nothing held back.

We usually know of or hear about needs from our membership. In fact, we prefer to handle it that way because it gives us someone local to interface with clergy or other support personnel. We ALWAYS have a sponsoring organization to work through.

We appreciate your consideration and contributions to the cause!

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