2012 Resolutions?


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Jan 5, 2010
I have never been one to do resolutions, but for 2012, I am going to make a few. Mine will not be to lose weight, or eat healthier, as I should be trying to do that year round. I just want to make myself a better friendlier person and I resolve to:

1. Try to be more outgoing, to defeat my shyness. I am sick of going through life as a person in the background, I am not looking to earn my "15 minutes of fame," I just don't want to be overlooked any more.

2. Face my fears and anxiety. This will be tough, but I cannot be the person I need to be by fearing the anxiety of using a telephone. I have the worst anxiety on using a telephone, I have to build my strength to use it, especially when I called in the Christmas greeting for the podcast.

3. Be honest to myself and my past, embrace it. I posted a blog a few weeks ago that I have since taken down, where I stripped my emotions and opened up about my childhood, it felt great to expose what I had hidden from most of the world for the last 27 years. I had only shared it with 3 people in that time.

That is what I resolve to do, it is a major step in my life as 40 is 3 years away for me. It will be tough, but I need to do this.

Do any of you have any resolutions you wish to share?
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Oct 2, 2010
Central Pa
Well, I can't say that I am not one of those who isn't going to say that I want to lose weight because I am. I don't have much to lose, only 10 pound or so and if I lose more, great, but I still have a few pounds to drop from having the baby and I want to get it off.

After I had him, I worked out for at least an hour everyday and tried to watch what I was eating and then I had my surgery on my umbilical hernia. Needless to say, now that I have went to work, I haven't been working out.

Once Monday hits, I am going to start working out again, no matter what. I can usually lose 1-2 pounds week with no trouble so hopefully I can do it!
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Jun 28, 2009
Dallas, TX
I made a resolution several years ago, and it is the only one I ever stuck with. My resolution was to not make resolutions anymore.cheesy
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