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New! A Family Group Shot...

Discussion in 'MMC Fan Club' started by Jeff Westover, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Jeff Westover

    Jeff Westover Chief Santa Tracker MMC Founder Santa's Elf Kringle Radio DJ

  2. Christmas-A-Holic

    Christmas-A-Holic MMC Goodwill Ambassador MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Crew

    That's cute!
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  3. MerryBells

    MerryBells wants turkey! MMC Lifer

    You have a lovely family! :wink:
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  4. Undrtakr

    Undrtakr MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    I thought Jeff was taller ;)
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  5. lauriebear

    lauriebear Christmas Royalty Merry Forums Member

    Too cute!!!
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  6. RavenHardt

    RavenHardt Sugar Cookie Tester MMC Lifer

    what a polite way of giving the
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  7. lilnoelelf

    lilnoelelf Santa's Sleigh Designer MMC Lifer

    thats just too funny!!!
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  8. joyful

    joyful MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    LOL, love the smiles!
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  9. Christmasstar

    Christmasstar one Crazy Canadian ! MMC Lifer

    very nice looking family, but I think you should feed them more, they all look a tad skinny
  10. One Spoiled Brat

    One Spoiled Brat Santa Clausologist Merry Forums Member

    You left most of the family out....:rudolph:
  11. justme324

    justme324 Merry Forums Elf, 2nd Class MMC Lifer

    I thought you had more people in your family. And looks like you shaved. :)
  12. frostyman

    frostyman Ornament Craftsman MMC Lifer

    I give that photo a thumbs up! :smile:
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