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Christmas Blossoms - 2018

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OK, Folks. Our Christmas photo thread is back again for another Holiday Season!

Yes, the time has once again arrived to launch our annual and highly anticipated Christmas Blossoms thread for the 12th consecutive year here at MMC.
Time once again to search for "Christmas Blossoms" -- visual signs that Christmas is coming and that we are entering and moving through Christmas Season 2018!

The purpose of this thread is to provide a place to post any Christmas Season-related photos you, your family or friends have taken this year.

In seasons past, I have traditionally launched this thread with photos of "A Christmas To Remember", but in recent years they have either not appeared at the mall or they have showed up after Halloween to take over the vacated "Halloween Alley" space.
For 2018, our little Christmas shop is back in time for the Blossoms thread lauch!!
(It's not yet officially open, but that has not stopped yours truly from getting a sneak peek.)

Enjoy (and please contribute to) the photo collection, so that we can really start getting into Christmas Season 2018!

1) Yep. There it is! Shrouded in black curtains, but it's there, alright.

2) But, what's this? A crack in the drapes?? Let's move in to take a peek.

3) and 4) Oh, what the heck. Let's get right up close and personal to zoom in for a real look, shall we?

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