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Christmas Classic Factoid about Rudolph Rankin and Bass version

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by AuntieMistletoeDear, Dec 25, 2018.

  1. AuntieMistletoeDear

    AuntieMistletoeDear MMC Hostess of Christmas Online MMC Lifer Alum Christmas Crew Christmas Talk Alum

    Greetings My Merry Chums ...

    In all of our chats about movies and specials of a Christmas nature, I don't recall anyone mentioning this merry factoid ...

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer voice work and songs took place out of a studio in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (a few list Toronto, but it was Hamilton) although several of the voice characters resided in Toronto at the time.

    Paul Soles who voiced Hermey the Elf who wanted to be a dentist was also the voice of the cartoon version of Spider-man among other roles and voices.

    Sam the Snowman was originally supposed to be voiced by Larry Mann, who was Yukon Cornelius, but they wanted extra star power so they went with Burl Ives instead.

    So, next time you are enjoying the merry misfits, YULE perhaps know more than you did the time you watched it previously.

    Thank you, Rankin and Bass for making it, and Paul for telling my brother a few merry factoids for which I was unaware. Happy 54+ Anniversary,

    Merry Christmas, Rudolph lovers! -reindeer-

    The merry factoid was brought to you by AMD; stay jolly! -surprise-
  2. Petronius

    Petronius Sugar Cookie Tester Merry Forums Member

    AuntieMistletoeDea, This is very interesting information. I like the fact that the Jack in the box was named Charlie in the box.
    AuntieMistletoeDear likes this.
  3. GWarren

    GWarren Christmas Cookie Maker Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    Another interesting tidbit: Although the film was copyrighted and released in 1964, the Roman numerals copyright date in the main titles is shown as "MCLXIV", which would be the year 1164, eight centuries earlier. 1964 is MCMLXIV, in Roman numerals.


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