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Christmas Countdown - 2020

Discussion in 'Christmas Countdown' started by Crown 84, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. Crown 84

    Crown 84 Official MMC Countmeister MMC Lifer Alum Christmas Crew Louann Jeffries Award


    Hello, my Friends. And Happy New Year!
    For the 14th consecutive year here at My Merry Christmas (and the 17th year overall) it is time once again to begin another Countdown!

    Here are the statistics since we began the Season Countdown idea 16 years ago:
    2004 = 1,217 posts ( = 3.3 posts per day.
    2005 = Over 2,700 posts ( = over 7.4 posts per day.
    2006 = 3,756 posts (The Christmas Place) = 10.3 posts per day.
    2007 = 1,957 posts (MMC, where the thread was not launched until July) = 12.1 posts per day.
    2008 = 5,103 posts = 13.9 posts per day.
    2009 = 8,231 posts = 22.6 posts per day.
    2010 = 16,226 posts = 44.5 posts per day.
    2011 = 31,091 posts = 85.2 posts per day.
    2012 = 39,183 posts = 107.1 posts per day.
    2013 = 59,747 posts = 163.7 posts per day.
    2014 = 63,096 posts = 172.9 posts per day.
    2015 = 56,859 posts = 155.8 posts per day.
    2016 = 58,288 posts = 159.3 posts per day.
    2017 = 18,081 posts = 49.5 posts per day.
    2018 = 19,707 posts = 54.0 posts per day.
    2019 = 12,449 posts = 34.1 posts per day.
    (Interestingly, we had a major drop off in 2017, a slight uptick for 2018, then another big drop for 2019. Not sure why but, as always, the quality of our posts remains high. And that's the most important thing!)

    So, here we are ready to go again, at the start of 2020.

    A word of explanation. We are running a dual countdown in this thread - one for Christmas Day and one for the start of the Christmas Season (November 13).
    There seems to be general agreement among our group that we look forward to the entire Christmas Season rather than just to Christmas Day itself.
    But why November 13?
    Well, it just seems about the right time to regard the season as arriving. That date is exactly six weeks before Christmas Day and is around the time the public at large is beginning to really get into the holiday spirit. Most of the malls and stores have decorated. And starting the season then gives us exactly 50 days (Nov 13 through Jan 1) to enjoy being "within the season", giving it a depth that is lacking with just the Christmas Day count by itself.

    We also enjoy noting special "Milestones" along the way (see the chart below).

    And there is one date you CERTAINLY do not want to miss! Many of us gather here on the evening of November 12 for our annual hour by hour and then minute by minute countdown to the start of the Season at midnight Eastern Time. It's something we really look forward to and is truly great fun!

    What's more, in the five days leading up to November 13, we run our "Special Post Series", where five of our members volunteer to do special, Christmas season-related narratives.
    Often sentimental and always fun to read as we coast into the beginning of the Season.

    Well OK then, Folks.
    Jump on board once again to enjoy reading the posts and following the count, which begins today at 317 to the Season and 359 to Christmas Day!***.

    *** Special note: 2020 is a leap year, and as such, we must wait another day for the Season to start and for Christmas Day to arrive!

    Here is a list of our Christmas Season and Christmas Day countdown milestone markers.
    I have not modified it for Leap Year, but day 300 for both the Season and Christmas Day will be one day later than shown.
    The Day 200 and Day 100 markers do not change.
    The other markers change by only fractions of days, so there is really no point recalcualting.

    January 17 = Day 300
    February 12 = 1/4 mark
    March 15 = 1/3 mark
    April 27 = Day 200
    May 15 = 1/2 mark
    July 14 = 2/3 mark
    August 05 = Day 100
    August 14 = 3/4 mark
    October 07 = 90 percent (The Home Stretch begins)

    February 28 = Day 300
    March 26 = 1/4 mark
    April 26 = 1/3 mark
    June 8 = Day 200
    June 26 = 1/2 mark
    August 25 = 2/3 mark
    Sept 16 = Day 100
    Sept 25 = 3/4 mark
    Nov 18 = 90 percent
    December 25 = MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    - CROWN
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2020
  2. Crown 84

    Crown 84 Official MMC Countmeister MMC Lifer Alum Christmas Crew Louann Jeffries Award

    And, we are off and running again!!
  3. ballcoach

    ballcoach Sugar Cookie Tester MMC Lifer

    Fresh socks!
  4. AuntieMistletoeDear

    AuntieMistletoeDear MMC Hostess of Christmas Online MMC Lifer Alum Christmas Crew Christmas Talk Alum

    Thanks Crown - I already marked the season start on my calendar and will book vacation days on Nov. 12th & 13th to ring in the season and start my Christmas shopping and decorating. Might take a quick trip to another city to shop this year.

    Welcome to the 2020 countdown everyone!

    -mistletoe-Happy New Year! +b
  5. Christmaswarlock

    Christmaswarlock Elf Choir Book Distributor Merry Forums Member

    Happy New Year MMC
  6. Crown 84

    Crown 84 Official MMC Countmeister MMC Lifer Alum Christmas Crew Louann Jeffries Award

    Well, I hope you have a great year, Christmaswarlock, Ballcoach and Auntie. O'Malley, too!
    Now off to bed!
  7. ballcoach

    ballcoach Sugar Cookie Tester MMC Lifer

    Bed....that sounds like a good idea.
  8. ballcoach

    ballcoach Sugar Cookie Tester MMC Lifer

    Maybe have coffee honor of ol' Binger.
  9. Murphman

    Murphman Santa Beagle MMC Lifer

    Happy New Year!!
  10. sugar142286

    sugar142286 North Pole's RN MMC Lifer

    Fresh smell of a new countdown! Happy New Year, MMC family! I work bright and early at 7 am, so I need to head to bed here and am on the way home from my brothers. I hope you all had a great evening!
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2020
  11. Rich

    Rich Mrs. Claus' Executive Assistant MMC Donor MMC Premiere Member

  12. HomemakinGirl

    HomemakinGirl North Pole Domestic Goddess MMC Lifer

    Happy New Year my friends!
    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2020!!!
  13. Dudley

    Dudley Santa's Sleigh Designer Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    Happy New Year!! Hope all have a very prosperous and healthy 2020!

    (Of course, still 2 hours to go)
  14. chrimbo_bear

    chrimbo_bear Feverishly Frivolous Feral Fellow.. Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    Here we go again! Woooooo!!
  15. DecemberisComing

    DecemberisComing Snowman Engineer Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    Happy New Year! I love having so many milestones to look forward too!
  16. RachRon

    RachRon Elf Supervisor MMC Lifer

    Happy New Year !! Here we go again on the climb back up the mountain..
  17. SolidSnake84

    SolidSnake84 Twinkle Light Checker Merry Forums Member

    Happy New Year everyone! Today is the day i have waited for ever since last Christmas ended! So great to be counting down the time again and making progress!

    There's a whole new year now to enjoy, of course while keeping Christmas on my mind and in my heart all of the time! I get to experience the full 12 month countdown now with all of you guys, since joining last summer. And the best part is now, when i talk to people about Christmas, i can say "this Christmas", because it's coming again!! :)
  18. JoseChung

    JoseChung Eggnog Chugger Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    Happy new year everyone. It's a long way to December!
  19. RadioJonD

    RadioJonD ♪♫Mistletoe Mix-ologist♫♪ MMC Lifer Alum Santa's Elf Christmas Crew Christmas Talk Alum Kringle Radio DJ

  20. Edge612

    Edge612 Christmas Royalty MMC Premiere Member

    Thanks Crown! Happy New Year!

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