Countdown to Christmas --
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Christmas Food and Kitchen tools

Discussion in 'Christmas Food' started by sharlette rivera, Dec 11, 2016.

what are your list of easy and quick food prep for christmas?


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  1. sharlette rivera

    sharlette rivera Merry Forums Newbie MMC Member

    This thread is to exchange ideas what are your christmas food preperation, quick and easy, and kitchen tools you cant afford to loose on christmas month
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  2. prancer

    prancer Charles Dickens' Editor MMC Lifer Christmas Talk Alum

    This is a good thread...For cooking Roast beef best results is slow cook it...Cover roast in olive oil then give a good sprinkle with Rock salt so all the roast is covered with it...Put a cup of water in slow cooker and cook on high for 2hrs then another 5hrs on low...This Roast will taste amazing-holidays-
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  3. NcGunny

    NcGunny Candycane Wrangler MMC Emeritus Member

    I hate ham gravy that is dark colored. It always tastes like it has a burnt flavor. I will strain my drippings and not scrape the pan. This way I can get the blonde color gravy.
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  4. alarmedsilent

    alarmedsilent Merry Forums Newbie MMC Member

    I cannot contain my excitement for the upcoming Christmas dinner!
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  5. Contented

    Contented Elf Choir Book Distributor MMC Lifer Christmas Talk Alum

    Do you ever put a cut up onion on your roast while its slow cooking?
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  6. Holiday

    Holiday North Pole Resident MMC Lifer Alum

    Mmmmm - a must!!! :)
  7. Skippy1707

    Skippy1707 Chestnut Roaster MMC Member

    I never knew you could cook a roast in the slow cooker!!!!! Guess what Im trying next! Thanks Prancer!
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  8. prancer

    prancer Charles Dickens' Editor MMC Lifer Christmas Talk Alum

    Its yummy Skippy...Its soo moist it falls to pieces when you take it out..MMMMmmmm+j
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  9. Holiday

    Holiday North Pole Resident MMC Lifer Alum

    I love roast in the slow cooker. :) The house smells amazing when I get home from work!

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