Thank You! Christmas in July Update

Jeff Westover

Chief Elf Officer
MMC Founder
Santa's Elf
Kringle Radio DJ
Oct 7, 2004
Cache Valley, Utah
As we draw near to the end of the month I wanted to update you on Christmas in July.

First of all, we have had the busiest July on record ever for A lot has contributed to that but I think the #1 thing has been the activities of Christmas in July.

We do have some activities yet to wind up:

  • Free Kringle Radio thru the end of the month
  • Photo Contest – please go vote!
  • Blogathon – accepting entries through July 31. Those articles will keep posting for weeks
  • Make a Merry Member – This has been huge. 160 premiere memberships have been gifted during the month of July. Two of our folks have become Lifetime members due to their efforts in this happy contest. Huge success!
  • Christmas Reviews – about a dozen new reviews are up!
  • Santa’s Sleigh has gained about $250 in July
  • Christmas Card Exchange is now open, 23 so far signed up – a record for July.
  • Ornament Exchange is also open, 12 signed up so far
  • We held 20 Community chats in July, also a new record
We have learned a lot as a result of all this activity. We believe that Christmas in July will be molded in the same fashion every year now going forward, with some improvements made.

We appreciate your support, ideas and suggestions. We are working on some new activities for the months ahead and hope you join us for those.


Santa Clausologist
MMC Member
MMC Premiere
Apr 21, 2019
Jeff, I hope you know what a boost July has been and how much what you do brightens the lives of so many!
I am starting to think of you as a George Bailey!


Eggnog Chugger
MMC Member
MMC Premiere
Jul 9, 2014
I had no idea about the community chats, will have to pay closer attention!


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