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Oct 7, 2004
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Late on Rudolph Day in September 2021 a few intrepid Christmas podcasters gathered together on the Merry Forums to chat about, well, Christmas podcasts:

Mary from Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Christmas Podcast
Duane from Tinsel Tunes Podcast
Chris from Christmas Time in the City Podcast
Ken from Sounds of Christmas Podcast
Tim from Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast
Glen from Seasons Eatings Podcast
Art from Cozy Christmas Podcast
Sean from ChristmasPodcasts.com
Jeff from The Merry Little Podcast

What was our purpose in this chat? We wanted to highlight a little bit about what is coming in the months ahead. And we wanted to talk about the Christmas that comes with Christmas podcasting. Get to know these great folks:

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Duane, since you're up so early in the morning...let's begin with you, shall we?

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Hello - I've been looking forward to this.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Sure, To start with, is anyone else listening to Christmas music while chatting?

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Tell us all a little bit about Tinsel Tunes and what you might have coming up soon!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Actually, yes, I am!

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I wasn't but I'm about to

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): I am, too

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): I'm at the radio station, so I'm listening to classic rock

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): The bigger question is WHAT music are you hearing right now...?

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I have the SOC channel on

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Good choice, G

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): Oh, Hush on the Sounds of Christmas

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Be proud, Ken

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Just bouncing around on Youtube. Right now Christmas in LA by Vulfpeck

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): I'm listening to my amazon playlist

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): I mean the band Oh, Hush is currently playing on the Sounds of Christmas :)

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Duane....how much do your personal tastes in Christmas music impact your topic choices on Tinsel Tunes?

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): TT is in it's 4th year. I'm currently listening to Oak Ridge boys as I do some last minute research for this month's episode on Country Christmas music.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Is that old country or "new" country Christmas?

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Oak Ridge is classic country

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): <<sorry...had to go there...

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Yes, agreed. Oak Ridge is classic

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): That's a pretty huge topic, by the way

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I put a lot of personal tastes in each episode which is why for this month I reached out to get song choices of my listeners ant other podcast hosts. I wanted to change tack this season to focus more on having the listeners interact with the podcast more.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): So would you say country Christmas is their theme then?

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Jeff - both old and new. Did you want to suggest a song I can feature for you? I know you love Christmas Country music.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I do? I'm not sure if I do. The jury is still out for me, honestly.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Some of it is downright depressing for me. Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas...ugh....

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): (Side note: the song I suggested, Children Go Where I send Thee, by Kenny Rogers and Homefree, I heard on Jeff's podcast)

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I think country artists can focus more on the religious side of the holiday more than pop artists.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Sometimes, yes

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Yes for this episode. A while ago I did an episode of Punk Christmas songs which were all my choice. After it released I got a number of messages from listeners with suggestions of songs that I missed. Which made me look at including listener suggestions for this season.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I think Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe also did some Punk Christmas music stuff....

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Jeff- Daddy Don;t get drunk will be on the episode. :)

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Whose version?

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Ken, have you ever featured country Christmas on SOC?

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): John Denver

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I think JD got some heat for that song, didn't he?

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): I don't feature any particular genre. I try to play everything.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Tim - I like that version too. It does go on though

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): But I do play country, classic and new, mixed in with the rest

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Ken you really seem to have your finger on new stuff coming out. Who intrigues you so far this year?

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Have you thought of doing theme hours for SOC?

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): There's so much coming out this year!!

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): Ingrid Michaelson, Rob Thomas and a couple others I can't mention (at least, not yet)

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Kelly Clarkson just released her single

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): WHAT?? Are you the CIA or something? Spill it

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): My boy Brett Eldredge is one I'm looking forward too.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I find music is one of the big reasons people DO listen to Christmas podcasts. It has always gotten a huge response for us.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Yes, I agree on Brett. His new single is pretty catchy

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): There are two pretty significant artists that haven't officially announced anything, so I can't before they do

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): Not trying to be a tease

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I actually have a suggestion for Art's podcast...with a musical theme

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): But this happens almost every year

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I'm surprised the Robbie Williams release last year didn't seem to get much traction.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Yes, it does. But I have problems mostly with major artists.

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): I have problems with a lot of them, too. Too much ego.

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): What's your idea Jeff?

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I think Cozy Christmas should do a music episode featuring all the weird songs of Tiny Tim that have been done.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): You could pull that off!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Of course, Can't Wait for Christmas could go crazy with that theme too...Tim doing Tim would be fabulous

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): LOL that's hilarious - but I actually can't think of any off the top of my head.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Tiny Tim the character r the comic?

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): I guess that means I'd need to research... :)

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Both, Tim

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Mr. Babb...what does Can't Wait for Christmas have in store for us this year?

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I just Youtubed him. OMG!

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Did anyone ever rope him into a Christmas Carol production? Seems like a waste if they didn't

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I just remember Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Yeah me too Glenn

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Well tomorrow's episode is about Christmas photography

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I hadn't realized he had a Christmas album

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): And I'm trying to forget it LOL

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): Tiny Tim had a Christmas album in the late 90s (I think). It's something else.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Hahaha...there's another themed music episode....

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): and we will be leaning more in to the "Season's Musings" segment where the listeners get to give their opinions on various Christmas topics

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Tim, like Sears portraits?

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): Tip Toe through the poinsettias? Sounds like a good new title

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Also to answer Jeff's original question - The future of TT especially for this season will be to focus on some of the Christmas Carols like Oh come all ye faithful, God rest ye merry gentlemen as these types of songs have great histories.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Is Tiny Tim still alive....?

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Also, I've reached out to the management of a certain Diva who is known for a very popular Christmas song…and I'm sure they

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): Nope

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): will get back to me any day now

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): DARN IT! I some how completely left out Sears portraits

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Miss Piggy?

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Miss Piggy would be a score on anyone's podcast

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Miss Piggy's song Christmas Queen is a classic.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I actually tried to get a Muppet director on the show but never heard back :(

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Mary, does Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe have any music episodes in the works?

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): We do!

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Since we're on the subject of music, are we all in the same boat when it comes to using copyrighted music without permission?

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I read an article recently that Frank Oz was feeling a little lonely. Maybe you should call him, Tim.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Yes. But asking yields good results when it comes to Christmas music.

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): We have new shows planned on Xmas music for sure. Those do really well

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Anything in particular you can tease us with, Mary?

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): I try to only use music that is free to use in the public domain, etc. I've had a couple where I've been given permission so that was neat.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I try to play the minimum amount I need to make commentary about it so I can defensibly stay in fair use land

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I invest a lot of time in asking for music. I find it critical.

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): Rikki has some good ideas and things in the works. We just did a great episode on 90s bands and Christmas tunes.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Hard to get much of anything mainstream unless it's really old

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): by the way...I can't type. So sorry about all the typos.

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): I don't use any in the podcast, or haven't so far. I have a couple people who are trying to create something for me for an intro/outro, but that's about it.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): No judgment zone here, Mr. Babb. Error away.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I've found independent artists and youtubers are happy to have their music used (as long as it's attributed back to them) I've reached out to the big publishers but never get a reply.

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Mary, that was a great interview with Jingle Jank. I must admit I don't listen to many boy bands, but I get their appeal.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Tim - this chat has a great dictionary LOL

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): that's the other thing, I'm also impatient

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Duane...you mentioned the classics. I find the older stuff has really varied histories. Is there one in particular you're going after?

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I just flap my fingers, hope for the best, and press enter

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): To be fair, it's not easy for some great artists to pull of great Christmas music.

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I use Epidemic Sound, but it's a paid subscription. You could pay for a month and download all their Christmas stuff. There's only about a dozen albums

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Glenn...you're squarely focused on food. Seems unfair for us to be talking all this time about music.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Jeff- not really, though when I get conflicting information I just dive deeper to get the most agreed on version.

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I did an hour about food for Kringle Radio last year.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Well, with Kringle Radio you can go crazy

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I have the second season of side dishes for each of the 'ber months

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I get fatter just listening to Glenn

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): I just watched Tim's livestream of his Need a Little Christmas Now segment... and that Turkey stuffing casserole sounds amazing.

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): I loved our vintage Christmas baking episode last year. I got so hungry!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): What's on the menu for this season, Mr. Warren?

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): BRB just hanging out my washing :)

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Tomorrow's ep is about panettone.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Vintage baking? I missed that one. Is that old stuff cooked now...or stuff cooked now that you let get old?

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Mr. Warren, what is that in layman's terms?

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): October's side dish is mac and cheese, but a certain cultural aspect.

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Panettone is the Italian bread that comes out at Christmas and other holidays

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): Using vintage recipes and trying to read through their olde timey language. And working on new ways to convert them to today. Also those great recipes from your childhood or grandparents, etc.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Mac and Cheese is a Christmas food?

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Yes, but you'll have to listen on Oct 10

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Mary...what's the title of that episode? I'd like to find it

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): That vintage recipe thing is a THING in my house.

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Plus my main dish for October I'll be talking about how a funeral cake becomes a Christmas favourite

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Dang, Glenn. That's awesome

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): My wife's pumpkin pie is based on a 400 year old ancestor recipe. Puritan, of course.

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Welp I'm hungry now.

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I love the vintage recipes.

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): It was in our Christmas Nostalgia series, I think the third one. We also had one called Seasons Eating

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): That happens whenever Mr. Warren enters the room,

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Yeah lets talk food!!!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): What episodes are you excited about for the next few months on Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe?

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I'm also thinking about expanding to Youtube with recipes. Kinda like Max Miller's Tasting History

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I have some lettuce in the fridge that I think dates back to the Mesozoic Era...that count as vintage?

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): You could make an ornament out of that, Mr. Babb

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Do the live video with that one.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): lol I don't want to touch it

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): We are really looking forward to continuing our Christmas Destinations series. It's so fun to think about the places to go and see such Christmas magic!

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I am planning to try a lot more live stuff and videos on Instagram, Facebook, and now the TikTok

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): That's a great go-to topic any time of the year, too, Mary. I really enjoyed the Bronners and Christmas Story House interviews.

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): I'm following you and Art now on Tik Tok, Tim!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Wish I was as brave as you, Mr. Babb.

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): Exactly! We are also hoping to do more on Disney Christmas themes. There's a lot of stuff to talk about there cross fingers. (If only we could go to Disneyland....maybe I need to make this happen....)

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Tiktok has been a lot of fun

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Need a tour guide for Disneyland?

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): You can share links to all these, guys

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I'm a short 5 hour car ride away

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): @Mary Richards Tim is your go to guy for Disneyland!!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I'm still trying to put my head around why Disney is so popular with Christmas fans. I've never made that connection

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): They go all out with decor and themes

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): Maybe because of the feels they give?

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): How many times have you been to Disneyland, Tim?

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): I've been slowly adding some video elements to the podcast's youtube channel, and like Tim I'm hoping to do more live video and videos especially as Christmas gets closer

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Plus there's not much to watch on Christmas day but the Disney parade and shows

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): The last time I went to Disneyland was 2007. I almost have it paid off.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): How many times have I been to Disneyland? Impossible to count. I used to live in LA and I had a season pass. I even had a youtube series called Kingdom Comedy where I did little comedy bits in the park

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Art, we need a link to your Youtube channel. We can post those videos here.

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Let me get the youtube one

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): As a native Californian, I used to go to Disneyland all the time. But that ended when I moved.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I'd like to thank Art for alerting me to the fact that Michael Buble is on TikTok. It's going to be a funny bit on tomorrow's show

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): The YouTube - not sure about the Tik Toks - but YouTube we can get to post automatically every time you put something new up

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Tim when I saw his response to Ryan Reynolds singing, I knew I had to respond to you in a similar way, LOL

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Jeff, you mentioned that people don't listen to Christmas podcasts. Do you think they don't know where to get them? Or is it just not knowing about them?

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCikiozEbu0h9pKeI1Ei5TQ here's mine jeff

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I didn't realize that at first, so I was like "muscles? WHAT?!"

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I don't think so. Look at this group we have here now. All of you are active and I think expertly so on social media

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I think the problem is more about TIME

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Back .

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): my follower count would say otherwise

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): A lot of the videos are just my podcast with the logo. But I'll be getting more videos there as Christmas gets closer.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Art, I subbed

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Rikki with Sleigh Bells - we chatted about this earlier today when she found a podcast industry episode on this topic

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Is there a link to that interview?

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): It seems that when people see a podcast that is longer than say 20 or 30 minutes...they don't tune in at all

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): Here's my 2 cents....if I'm not working, I tend to let the episodes build up and then binge them at once when I'm at work. I don't really get the time to listen when I'm at home.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): People don't realize the great thing about podcasts is that they are the perfect thing to listen to when you are doing something else, long commute, exercise, doing dishes, boring desk job...podcast time!

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Tim I regret I didn't add the line about your abs... but it was getting awkward enough and I promised I wouldn't embarrass my kids too much on tiktok so...

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I'll dig for it and send it to you, Mr. Warren

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): When I tell people about our podcast and this great community, people are often surprised but pleased and say they had no idea. So it's often just educating people about where to find them.

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): Exactly, Mary

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I've noticed the Christmas creep of downloads starting already

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): It's constant work to remind people we exist. For 30 years we've been here...how could they not know?

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Let's hope they stick around after the holidays

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Me too Glen! Septembers downloads really jumped, but they've been climbing for me since July

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): I've been running the Sounds of Christmas for 15 years, and I'm always finding people who love Christmas music and had no idea we existed.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I agree with the assessment that listening to a podcast is an investment in time. I know I have to bunch up my podcast listening for times when I'm doing other things.

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): True about that. I have to be in the mood, even when it's on in the background.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I also find the pandemic has been very good for getting people to tune in.

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): I have listeners who told me they listen to the podcast while commuting to work

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): But the pandemic also cut down on commuting which is where a lot of podcasting listening happens

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): yep

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): I have people tell me they save some up and listen all at once in December. Others like to have it spaced out in the year for that Christmas cheer all year long

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Same - also I know several who listen to me while doing crafts

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): plus if everyone is home, it's kinda rude to tune them out

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): That was one of my general questions for the podcasters out there...what do you think will be the major focus for Christmas fans this year?

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I can say Jeff, that you've been with me while I renovated my house since your podcast started. I've spent many hours sanding and painting with you in my ear. :)

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Oh Duane...get some help.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I almost know the classic episodes by heart.

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): I think one of the focuses this year will be on family

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I've been doing it so long now I don't remember what I said those many years ago...it makes me cringe to go back and hear some of it.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Same. Art.

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): after surviving last year or two of a pandemic, I'm hoping people will come out of it with a great appreciation of what really matters - their family.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I am finding a lot of anxiety this year that wasn't there last year

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I think because of the last two years, this Christmas will focus on creating memories. Many of the Christmas gifts and decor will be going up in price, so being frugal and reusing may be a big thing.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Yeah, I think there's been a big shift from getting "STUFF" to having "experiences"

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): Yes, our latest episode had an interview with a home decor store (They make most of their money in Christmas), and they are really worried about the price increases this year. It's going to be bad.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): mostly becasue my wife told me that's what we're doing

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Maybe there will be a bigger push to buy local or from independent crafters. Speaking of which I have an etsy store...

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): That message is getting out to everyone in the mainstream media, too, Mary

Christmas Time in the City Podcast (Chris): I think a lot of people are going to focus on nostalgia this year. People want to go back to simpler times, especially during the Holidays

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I just listened t that episode, Mary. Got me kinda stressed out

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): Hopefully it won't be that bad. There are ways to look around and shop around, I hope.

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): And I definitely agree about the nostalgia

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I mean 4X the cost for shipping ain't nothing

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): We're doing a series on Christmas in the 20th century. The episodes on the 30s and 40s have some parallels to this topic.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): yikes

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Hallmark will do great this year with their movies.

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Family, nostalgia, simple Christmas... this is giving me some ideas for episodes...

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I'm doing a show on Christmas in the old west

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): I see it in so many places. People are wistfully thinking about the days "when things were better."

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Really, Tim? Can't wait to hear that

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): @Tim Babb I can't wait for that episode!!

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): Old west sounds amazing!

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): ...inspired entirely by me buying a DeLorean from Back to the Future 3 to add to my Christmas tree train

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I think "Christmas doesn't come from a store" will definitely be hot button stuff

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Jeff, I'm supposing Christmas during the Depression will get people thinking about being frugal or focusing on handmade.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Tim - Will the old timey prospector be showing up in that episode?

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): I want to do an episode on Christmas in Space - specifically the 1968 Apollo mission to the moon. That happened on Christmas day, and it's one of my favorite historical events.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): You KNOW it!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Good one, Art

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): 1968 was a heck of a year of Christmas

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): The Hallmark Ornaments interview last month she talked about how Back to the Future, Christmas Vacation, Harry Potter, Star Trek, etc ornaments are really popular right now. That nostalgia and collectibles kind of stuff.

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Does anyone know any astronauts I could interview? LOL

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Um...maybe

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I know a few space cases...not really the same thing though, right?

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Mary that Hallmark interview was great

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Speaking of, I was think of reaching out to her as well and then I thought, do any of you ever worry about stepping on each other's toes in terms of content?

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): LOL Tim... and Jeff yeah if you know an astronaut or someone with NASA or something, I've been thinking of doing that episode but I'd love to have someone on who's been to space or in the space program in some way.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Art, my Mom used to babysit for an astronaut by the name of Don Lind. I think he flew on the shuttle in the 1980s

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): Try Utah State University or ATK in Utah....they might have connections? Or just shoot that shot and call NASA :)

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I can recall a lot of folks going out to Southern California to watch him land...

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Tim, we've all done topics about the same stuff, but we put our own spin on it.

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): If there's one thing I'm learning - it's to just take a chance and reach out to someone.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I think about that all the time Tim. I don't want to talk about what someone else has. That's why I'll never do an episode on Silent Night. Your's and Jeff's takes on that song say it all.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I think it is GOOD to cover the same topics....different perspectives are good. It's what makes the tree go round....

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Chris, you still with us?

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): @Tim Babb I agree with Glen...even if it's the same subject...everyone's personal takes on the subject is what I like hearing.

Christmas Time in the City Podcast (Chris): I’m here

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Sometimes my take on things change as I learn more....

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Chris, what do you have on tap with Christmas Time in the City this year?

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I agree, Duane. Similarly, you will know I am desperate for ideas if I ever do "Do You Hear What I Hear" because you nailed that

Christmas Time in the City Podcast (Chris): We've got some fun stuff planned. We have a few more of our chat eps scheduled to come out over the next couple months. They've been a lot of fun. Art and Sean can hopefully vouch for that. We play games and share our experiences with Christmas in New York City. We're also branching out more to YouTube as a way to add another layer to our content. We’ve currently got over 30 walking tours planned for this season

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I don't think you'll ever run out of ideas.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Wow...30 tours? Does that include a live mugging?

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I remember me and Christmas Past did episodes about Miracle on 34th Street really close to each other and I felt a bit goofy by comparison to his take

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Chris- Some more live feeds around New York would be great.

Christmas Time in the City Podcast (Chris): We try to avoid the muggy areas

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Most of us will never get to NYC at Christmastime. So I think what you're offering is fabulous

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Shame Brian couldn't make it to this chat.

Christmas Time in the City Podcast (Chris): We're really excited about it

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): I'm really looking forward to the walking tours

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): He's got a wee one to take care of.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Anything you can tease us with in particular, Chris?

Christmas Time in the City Podcast (Chris): So is my waistline

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I've got two and I'm ignoring them for this!

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I want to see snow falling Chris.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Duane, do you guys EVER get snow?

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Only two, Tim?

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): two little ones

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Mary, are any of yours "wee ones"?

Christmas Time in the City Podcast (Chris): We have a candy maker coming on next month. I've been looking into chatting with a Rockette as well. We'll see though. That might have to wait until next year

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): Oh wait - I got distracted by my kids! Do you mean my children? I have five

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): What kind of candy?

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Mary, I thought I heard your daughter during the Hallmark interview. It was cute.

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): Yes, that was her!

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): my mom gets mad when my kids don't show up on the show

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Hahaha...those were the days. We're in the grandchildren phase now.

Christmas Time in the City Podcast (Chris): Hard candy. He's got a pretty big youtube following

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I look forward to that, Chris. I'm an old candy man - a career from my distant past

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): I've just started the grandchildren phase!!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): It's a good phase, Sean

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Chris, I've watched his stuff. Really cool. If I ever get to Florida I'll definitely check him out.

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): I'm loving it, Jeff!

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Pulling candy takes some strength.

Christmas Time in the City Podcast (Chris): I've ordered from him several times

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I think it would be cool to have Glen on an episode where we feature a food or a destination related to food.

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): That's a good idea

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): The candy business is so centered around Christmas.

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): I can talk about other things too. It's just something I know a lot about.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): There are lots to explore there.

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Well gang, I have to get going - it was great talking with you all!

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): Great chatting with you, Art!

Christmas Time in the City Podcast (Chris): Have a good night, Art!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Thank you, Art. We look forward to a lot more Cozy to come.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Sean, we need to talk a little bit about Christmas Podcasts.com

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): I need to get going, too! Merry Podcasting everyone!

Cozy Christmas Podcast (Art): Me too! I have some fun things planned that I hope will actually happen. We'll see... take care everyone!

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Take care Art. I look forward to seeing more tiktoks and youtubes from you.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): What are your plans with ChristmasPodcasts the next few months?

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): See ya, Ken!! Have a great night!

Sounds of Christmas Podcast (Ken): Thanks! :)

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Thank you, Ken!

Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Podcast (Mary): Merry Christmas! Rikki and I adore you all and are so grateful for this community! I'd better get to my kids. Have a great night.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Bye Ken

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Thank you, Mary

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Tell Rikki we missed her

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Bye Mary

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): Well, I'm trying to find time to do some more interviews with some of the new podcasters we have on the site and get a few that I missed from last year. I'm always open for suggestions though.

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): I definitely need to talk with Duane and a couple others!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): We have a few more events planned featuring podcasts. We want to write a feature here on MMC and, then for those brave enough to show their faces, we want to have a Zoom chat.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I can't believe how many there are of us now. It's hard to keep up with all the episodes.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): It's IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with the episodes

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I'm keen for a zoom chat with multiple people.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): That's why I think continual conversation and frankly promoting of what we do is essential

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): It seems that there's always new podcasts popping up

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): I'm all up for a Zoom chat myself!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Yes, but I also see some kind of fading away

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I like those who hang with it and work to improve

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): And I especially appreciate those who reach out during the OFF season.

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): I'm seeing that too...there's one or two that are posting now that I'm curious on what will happen to in a couple of months.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): What about those of us who coast along staying virtually the same year after year?

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Jeff - Yes I thought I was going to be one of them. Last year was hard for me to keep going. But I'm back into now

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Thinking outside the box may be a key to get more listeners. Maybe approach a podcast to guest on that's not Christmas themed. Gerry from Totally Rad Christmas is doing that. I've started commenting on podcasts that are food related but not Christmas. Just to get my name out.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I think that happens to ALL of us, Duane

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Tim....what are you saying?

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Being visible outside our usual haunts, so to speak.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): So true Jeff.

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): You have a great point, Glen

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I'm right with ya, Duane - I don't think it could get any harder than the past 18 months for me.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): The podcast is the most taxing thing I do.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Just saying that I don't know if my show has really "improved" over the years

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): Shhhh, Jeff....Karma will take that as a challenge

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I appreciate your consistency, Tim. I think you're wildly creative

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Yes, I noticed when the premium podcast dropped away for a while before you revamped it to the current format.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I wish I had your talent!

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I have to say I felt pretty burnt out after a bomb for Christmas last year

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): The premium podcast I try to be judicious with. I don't want people thinking I'm doing this for money.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): It was a lot of fun but it was a lot of work to coordinate and edit

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): @Tim Babb in my personal opinion, your comedic stuff is always relevant and never stales. That's what I love about your podcast. Plus, you're not afraid to get serious if you need to. You deserve a break after bomb and just do your regular stuff.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Tim and Jeff, just think about all the other Christmas podcasts you've inspired over the years.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Also, you're too kind Jeff

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): @Tim Babb your show has evolved. I love how you're trying out new themes and ideas.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Money complicates everything.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): That's why I don't have any lol

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): try being a stand up! There's no money! None!

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): I found the top 100 christmas song Battle Royale that I did in my first year a bit much to manage.

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): Maybe you should try out for AGT, Tim

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): But it paid dividends in compelling listening, Duane

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): I think we all know when we get in over our heads. I love Tim's consistency with his drop schedule. But I couldn't keep that up and I learned that it was okay that I didn't.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Oh I did...wah wahhhhhh

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): Bummer....sorry Tim

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Personally, Tim, you peaked with Wipeout!

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Jeff, so true. In fact this months episode for me is probably gong to be a day late :)

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glen): Kidding

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): But I agree with Jeff...I love your consistency with dropping episodes.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Duane...a day late in your time zone or mine?

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): lol I totally peaked on Wipeout

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): And Duane, It's been so wonderful to have you dropping episodes again

Seasons Eatings Podcast (Glenn): I'm heading out. Great talking with everyone. Keep up the great work.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Well, guys. I want to thank you all for being here. I especially appreciate your support of the year-round Christmas community

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): I also love the variety Art, Glen, Chris & Kris, Mary & Rikki and others bring

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Yes, my first year when I did the monthly 100 song battle I HAD to release an episode each month regardless otherwise the voting wasn't going to work.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): You're a huge part of it and getting bigger with everything you do.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Jeff. haha

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Thank you, Mr. Warren

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): Thanks for hosting this, Jeff

ChristmasPodcasts.com (Sean): Thanks everyone!! It's been great chatting with everyone!

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): Well, I need to jump too everyone. Wife has jobs for me to do this afternoon.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Thanks, Duane! Chat with you soon

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): I feel very lucky to be considered a part of this group of Christmas podcasters

Christmas Time in the City Podcast (Chris): It was nice hearing from you all. Have a great night!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Tim, it's always great to hear from you.

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast (Tim): thanks for letting me play your reindeer games

Tinsel Tunes Podcast (Duane): All good, Jeff. I feel the same too Tim.

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Thanks, Chris!

Merry Little Podcast (Jeff): Have a good night everyone!
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