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christmas tree up all year round

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ilovesilentnight, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. ilovesilentnight

    ilovesilentnight Eggnog Chugger MMC Lifer Alum

    I was wondering if anyone else seen anyone do this. I walk every night for excercise and i see a person who has a christmas tree up with blue lights on every night. It's quite cool actually. Christmas in the summer.
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  2. xmastidings

    xmastidings Santa's Mentor MMC Lifer MMC Donor Christmas Card Exchanger 2018 Ornament Exchanger

    I have never seen anyone do that before, but I like the idea....:-D
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  3. Christmas-A-Holic

    Christmas-A-Holic MMC Goodwill Ambassador MMC Lifer MMC Donor Christmas Crew Santa's Elf

    I have a 1 ft. table top Christmas tree set up in my room right now fully decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights! It has been set up since Christmas and I decided to leave it there.

    When I take down Christmas decorations, in January, I leave a few small decor items out all year long around my house. I have a couple of Christmas snowglobes, a snowman, a Santa and a few other items. They are small, blend in with other things and are in different rooms. I change it up each year on what I decide to leave out.

    My uncle passed away this past April and as we were going through his house to clear things out, I noticed he did the exact same thing! I found little Christmas things everywhere! You really had to look, it didn't stand out, just little things. It warmed my heart! The family knows how much I love Christmas and told me I could have all of his Christmas decorations.
  4. snowflake22

    snowflake22 *Harlowe's Mom* MMC Lifer Louann Jeffries Award

    That is so cool!!

    We have a 3 ft. pencil tree in our entryway, that I leave up year round.
    It has holly berries & pine cones on it, and it goes well w/ our lodge decor. I added primitive silicone string lights to it, and it looks great. During different holidays, I add ornaments & more lights to dress it up.

    Here it is decorated for Fall/Halloween =]

    My Halloween Tree.jpg
  5. TwinkleLights25

    TwinkleLights25 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    How neat! It would be cool to leave a small tree up year round and decorate it for each holiday. Hmmm....should I? :) :)
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  6. Andy

    Andy Christmas Fan Merry Forums Member

    Hmmm... I can see the appeal of it. But part of me feels like anything you leave up year round becomes just a thing. It loses its specialness. At least that's how my mind works.

    Imagine if we went the other way, and started only putting out things once a year for a month that we usually keep out all year. It would be like, "It's March! Time put up the mailbox." And everyone would be excited about the mailbox during March. That would actually be kind of fun. Of course the rest of the year you'd be collecting your mail in a bucket, which wouldn't be so ideal.

    But I say absence makes the heart grow fonder. What makes the christmas tree great (for me) is that it's not there all the time. So you better take a little time every day to appreciate it while it's up.
  7. trackrebel

    trackrebel candy cane hustla MMC Lifer

    kind of cool...but i prefer to have it only up during the special is a fun thing
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  8. Christmas-A-Holic

    Christmas-A-Holic MMC Goodwill Ambassador MMC Lifer MMC Donor Christmas Crew Santa's Elf

    Yay for mailboxes! :lol:
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  9. jayden28

    jayden28 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    I dont think i could do that myself,for me a christmas tree would not be special anymore if it was up all year round no matter what size the tree is it would just blend in with everything else.
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  10. Ddeby

    Ddeby Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    I remember as a child asking my mom if we could leave the Christmas tree up forever. Of course she told me that it would make it less special and exiciting when Christmas actually DID come if it was something we saw every day. And I kind of have to agree.

    But I did work in an office once where they kept a huge 6 foot fake tree up and the ornaments would change based on the holidays. At Valentine's there would be red and pink hearts on it, at Easter there would be colored plastic eggs, and so on until Christmas again. THAT I did enjoy. It was fun seeing the tree change throughout the 12 months. I wish I still worked there! :sparkle:
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  11. reindeerelf

    reindeerelf Merry Forums Elf, 2nd Class MMC Lifer

    As much as I'm into Christmas I don't think I could have a large tree up all year. We do have a few little christmas things here and there all year and I like the idea of a small tree- especially Snowflake's pencil tree. I just have to figure out where to put it and sell the idea to my partner.
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  12. Sunshine73

    Sunshine73 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    I've definitely known people who have done this. They usually change the decor based on the current season or holiday.

    I don't believe I would enjoy having a tree year round because, as others have said, part of the magic of Christmas is that the tree and other decorations only come out at that time of year.
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  13. 'Tis the season

    'Tis the season Mrs. Claus' Executive Assistant MMC Lifer MMC Donor

    I don't think I could have a tree up all year round. I enjoy the process of putting it up and decorating too much to leave it up all year. I like it to feel special that's why I don't put things up too early or leave them up too late.
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  14. ballcoach

    ballcoach Guest

    Well, I would love to leave the tree up all year, but I do realize that it wouldn't be special.

    You know, there is a night each year that I look forward to. It's Christmas Tree Night. It is such a special night for us. I can't imagine not having that night...
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  15. jayden28

    jayden28 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    Yes theres nothing better than getting the tree out and setting it up:yahoo:,cant wait.
  16. momnan30

    momnan30 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    I agree, for me the magic is that it's Christmas once a year! I keep the feeling in my heart, but the decorations don't make their way out until November!
  17. Petronius

    Petronius Elf Supervisor Merry Forums Member

    My friend Laurence declared that a man in his neighborhood kept the Christmas tree up until the end of winter.

  18. Neotericisis

    Neotericisis Elf Choir Book Distributor Merry Forums Member

    Same. I know some fellow Christmas lovers who have several trees and keep some up all year. Part of the magic of Christmas is putting up all the decorations. I love how my house transforms and just adds to the magic of the season. I am a bit late on my decorations this year due to reorganizing my home, renovations, and then a getting sick (the tree went up last weekend, but everything else will be done this weekend). I am off this upcoming Mon., Tue., and Wed. so I have 5 days to really go crazy. The tree is the biggest element to my Christmas transformation so I want to preserve that magic.

    Similar to the "March Mailbox" scenario earlier, our current house which we purchased in Dec. of 2017 has an in-ground pool. I've already started to see the magic of going to a hotel with a pool disappear. A pool was a requirement for hotels before, but now I could care less. It may be simple to some, but having something all the time really does change the feeling. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

  19. GhostOfChristmasPast

    GhostOfChristmasPast Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    I've known people to keep a tree up year around and decorate it for various holidays and seasons.

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