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Columbus Day

Tom Zart

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Nov 12, 2007

When Columbus sailed into the unknown
It was not to prove that the earth was round.
He wished to find a sea route to Asia
Where gold, jewels and spices were to be found.

Columbus was born in 1451
And was the son of a weaver of wool.
With is heart set on dreams and adventures,
He listened to yarns, till his ears were full.

At 14 he sailed the Italian cost,
And studied map making and geography.
Later he married a captain’s daughter,
Who's dad had maps and charts of life at sea.

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella,
Decided to grant him three crew filled ships.
On August the 3rd of 1492
His tiny fleet sailed with prayers on their lips.

The months passed by and no land was sighted.
Though his ships had traveled three thousand miles.
At two am on October the 12th
A sailor shouted "land" with tears and smiles.

The entire voyage took 224 days
Till he was safe, back in Spain once again.
After three more trips into the New World.
He died not knowing where he had been.

By Tom Zart
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