Can't Wait for Christmas Podcast CWFC – 033 Bonus Episode – The 2017 Christmas Special


MMC Newshound
Oct 17, 2005

It’s our annual bonus episode featuring the top 5 little moments in Christmas songs, a Christmasy twist on blueberry muffins, some listener feedback, and a few wacky surprises!

Download here!

00:00 – 03:52 Intro
03:52 – 05:26 We Need a little Christmas Now
05:26 – 08:42 Santa Bab’s Mail Bag
08:42 – 15:02 Five Golden Things (Favorite Little Parts of Christmas Songs)
15:02 – 16:58 Silly Sing Along
16:58 – 18:57 Wrap Up
18:57 – 21:20 Outtakes

“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” United States Marine Band
“Jingle Bells” Performed by Kristen Nowicki

(The embedded player for the episode is bellow all the links)

Tim at Rooster T Feathers on December 22

Tim on Kringle Radio Dec 23rd and 24th at noon (pacific time)

Art Carney – Twas The Night Before Christmas

Tim’s “Jingle Shells” Video

Banjo Christmas from The Clarke Family

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