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Daily Holiday Hangout

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Edge612, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. MerryCarey

    MerryCarey A Voice from the North MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Crew Louann Jeffries Award Kringle Radio DJ

    Happy Halloween, all!
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  2. Edge612

    Edge612 Christmas Royalty MMC Premiere Member

    Happy November! For many of us on this site that's an exciting thing to hear. After all, November is a HUGE month to people on this website. Many of us look forward to one of the best holidays of the year (Thanksgiving) coming later this month. Of course, before that we have the official kick-off to the Christmas Season! Although we have all of those amazing things coming this month...some of the biggest things we wait all year long for some of us could be a little sad that Halloween (and the Halloween season) is over. Today's post is 5 tips to help you get over your post-Halloween season blues (if you have them).

    5. Thirty-minute daily walks. They will boost endorphins, let you relish the fall season, and get you ready for the next food-filled holiday–Thanksgiving.

    4. Share your Halloween enthusiasm by using your favorite Halloween picture for a holiday greeting post card or include it in your holiday email.

    3. Eat the dark chocolate Halloween candy first because it will brighten your spirits.

    2. Shop the after Halloween sales for your next year’s new Halloween something that makes anticipating next Halloween more fun.

    1. Create a Halloween Pinterest Board so you can quickly look at your Halloween memories anytime for a bit of nostalgic happiness.

    I like #2 and #3. I'm definitely going to be hitting the after-Halloween sales the next few weeks and eating chocolate? I mean nobody has to really advise me to do that! Hope you all had a great and Happy Halloween. Don't be too sad because now we're entering Thanksgiving season...and the Christmas season right around the corner!​
  3. George Broderick Jr.

    George Broderick Jr. North Pole Resident MMC Lifer MMC Partner Christmas Crew

    When I was a kid, if you didn't get enough candy on Halloween to last you until New Year's Eve, you weren't doing it right!
  4. Edge612

    Edge612 Christmas Royalty MMC Premiere Member

    Good Mid-Week MMC peeps. Today's post, as we transition from Halloween closer towards Thanksgiving and eventually Christmas, is a simple comparison between what I feel are the 2 best trios of Holiday Cartoon Series. I speak of Charlie Brown & Garfield (Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas). If you haven't seen all 6 of those specials you should go out of your way to see them. They are all very good. Starting with the Christmas ones the comparison is close but I have to say that I think that I enjoy the Charlie Brown Christmas special more. The songs and the little tree he finds are very Christmassy. Thanksgiving I would have to say Garfield gets the edge over Charlie Brown because I love how John is trying to impress Garfield's vet who invites over and how Grandma tries to save the day from a total disaster of a Thanksgiving meal he's preparing. Halloween? This is the closest call for me and I know many will say Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin because it's a classic but I honestly enjoy the Garfield Halloween special as much, if not even a little more than Charlie Brown. Still though both trios of shows are great and as I said if you haven't seen any of these 6 specials you should go out of your way to see them whenever you get a chance over these next 2 months. I hope you have a great day and enjoy any holiday episodes you decide to watch today as we are still leaving Halloween, heading towards Thanksgiving, with Christmas not too far off in the distance either (what a great time of year this truly is).​
  5. Edge612

    Edge612 Christmas Royalty MMC Premiere Member

    Good Spring November Morning. Well, here it does feel like spring today but we are still in Autumn and around the holidays. Today's post is a poll but instead of the usual polling a certain amount of adults, this one is polling kids about their Halloween experience and how much candy they got/eat.

    We asked about 1,200 boys and girls about their Halloween haul. Here's what they said:

    Most kids said they get at least 50 pieces of candy, with over 44% saying they get more than 100 pieces.
    Only about 20% of kids said they eat all their Halloween candy.
    Whether they eat all or just some of their candy, it takes most kids a long time to do it. Nearly 60% said they need 2 weeks, 1 month, or more than a month. About 25% said they need only 1 day or less than 1 week. And the rest of the kids said they needed anywhere from 1 second (yeah, right) to a year!

    I'm wondering if only 20% of kids say they eat all of their Halloween candy because they get too much or because their parents and other adults around them swipe some :). Well this big kid still has plenty of Halloween candy left and I'm willing to share. It should last me till Easter so maybe I'll leave a piece of Halloween candy for the Easter bunny in the spring. Till then, enjoy your Halloween candy in moderation!
  6. Holiday

    Holiday North Pole Resident MMC Lifer Alum

    I haven't had much of a chance to peek around the forums lately, so I've been missing this thread. I click on it this morning & THIS ↑ post is where I left off. Seems like it was just yesterday! There were 11 days until Halloween. Now it's all over & we're on to Thanksgiving & it's ALREADY NOVEMBER THRID! :eek: How did that happen??!! :rolleyes:
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  7. Holiday

    Holiday North Pole Resident MMC Lifer Alum

    I have ALL 6 on dvd & love them all!! I never did have a chance to watch the Garfield Halloween this year. I would still like to do that, so I'll see if time allows. I might have to say Garfield Christmas is my favorite! I love them going home to farm for the holidays! Can't go wrong with any of the 6! Darn, wish I were home watching them now! ;)
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  8. Edge612

    Edge612 Christmas Royalty MMC Premiere Member

    Ahh hope you get time to watch it. They are all really good ones. Not many cartoons made a trio like those 2 did which is why I found it interesting to compare them.
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  9. Edge612

    Edge612 Christmas Royalty MMC Premiere Member

    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2016
    Morning and TGIF. I'm thankful it's Friday as I am sure you are as well. Speaking of thankful, this is the month of Thanksgiving so it is a time we all reflect on what we're thankful for. Today's post is just about that. As I said, right now I'm just thankful it's Friday. But overall this month as we approach Thanksgiving I think about how thankful I am for my family. Without them I would be lost. I'm thankful that I found Rollins because I was lost this summer without Nitro and although he will never be replaced, Rollins has amazingly fast taken his own spot inside of me right next to where Nitro stays. I'm thankful for my job (ironic since I just said I'm thankful that it's Friday and almost the weekend where I won't have to go to it for a few days :)). I like where I work and the people I work with so much. We have so much fun, I make a good salary, good benefits and am just thankful in a time where a lot of people are struggling with the economy, etc. I feel lucky to be where I am. Although, this is the time of year to say all these things we are personally thankful for I think we should do that on a daily basis. I often see people always sad, down, and negative. I don't want to criticize anyone because I've been there before and we all go through things. But I just have learned as I got older to appreciate the little things in life and that things can always be worse so it's better to be mostly happy most of the time than worry about everything and feel negative about stuff. Anyway, hope today's post just makes you think about what you're thankful for and as always anything you'd want to share please feel free to. I forgot one thing that I'm thankful for that I think you all will agree with me...and that is having MMC. Have a great FRIDAY and start to your weekend!​
  10. NcGunny

    NcGunny Candycane Wrangler MMC Emeritus Member

  11. Edge612

    Edge612 Christmas Royalty MMC Premiere Member

    Good Morning to those weekend lovers on MMC. Today's post is a little educational as well as a reminder about turning your clocks back an hour tonight. Why do we do it? And how did it start? Here is some information on how it started.​
    But where did Daylight Saving Time come from? And how is it useful?

    The idea was first suggested in an essay by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, and later proposed to British Parliament by Englishman William Willett 1907. However, it did not become a standard practice in the United States until 1966. Daylight Saving Time was originally instituted in the United States during World War I and World War II in order to take advantage of longer daylight hours and save energy for the war production.
    In the years after World War II, individual states and communities decided whether they wanted to continue observing Daylight Saving Time and when to do so. This meant some cities were an hour behind others even though they were only separated by a few miles on a map.
    In order to minimize the confusion, Congress passed the Uniform Time Act in 1966, which standardized the length of Daylight Saving Time for the country.

    I honestly can say that I never knew the idea really started centuries ago yet didn't come full circle until as recently as 50 years ago! I think that I prefer when we turn the clocks forward an hour because it means we're heading into spring and the longer days/evenings is nice to have. However, turning the clocks back an hour tonight is just another sign that we are literally on the doorstep on the Christmas season! I don't know about you but I'll trade an hour of it getting darker earlier for being so close to Christmas! More than a fair deal if you ask me. Have an awesome day and enjoy your extra hour tonight (if you get one)!​
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  12. Martine

    Martine Mrs. Claus' Executive Assistant MMC Lifer Christmas Talk Alum

    I personally wish they would stick with Daylight Saving Time. I like more daylight at the end of the day myself. And springing forward messes with my internal clock. Hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep Edge.
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  13. Edge612

    Edge612 Christmas Royalty MMC Premiere Member

    Rollins didn't get the memo about sleeping an extra hour so I didn't get to lol. But yeah I agree with you Martine!
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  14. Edge612

    Edge612 Christmas Royalty MMC Premiere Member

    SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2016
    Morning everyone and I hope you remembered to turn your clocks back an hour (if you're supposed to where you live). Today's post is about that "extra hour" we have today. Today is 25 hours long and no other day is that long. Why couldn't we turn our clocks on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and get an extra hour on one of those days? That'd be nice. Today's post is simply asking your thoughts on what you are doing with the extra hour today. Are you really sleeping it as many say they do? Or did you stay up an extra hour or wake up an hour earlier so it wasn't really sleeping that you're doing. Are you using it to be productive? Or just an extra hour today to relax a little on an Autumn Sunday as we approach the Christmas season? Maybe work on that Christmas list today? Get some extra errands done to lighten up your load for this upcoming week? Lots of possibilities but one thing I think we can all agree on is it would be nice to have that extra hour every day of the year. Maybe time would slow down a little as those extra hours added up. We could use that during the Christmas season. But all I can say today is make every hour during the upcoming Christmas season count. It will go faster than we want it to (because honestly when's the last time that "time" really went slow for you? I can't remember personally...its been years.). But how we use that time we have is of the highest importance during the Christmas season. Have a great Sunday and enjoy your extra hour no matter what you do with it.​
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  15. NcGunny

    NcGunny Candycane Wrangler MMC Emeritus Member

    Been up since 4 a.m. kids were up by 5 a.m. This will be a extra long Sunday
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  16. Edge612

    Edge612 Christmas Royalty MMC Premiere Member

    MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2016
    Happy last Monday before the Christmas season begins! That sounds unbelievable but it's true. Seems like yesterday was Halloween and it's already a week since then. We truly are making the turn now so the next couple of weeks I want to mostly focus on Thanksgiving related things. Today's post concerns what we all think of first when we think of Thanksgiving and that is TURKEY! I'm not a huge turkey eater during the rest of the year (except coldcuts) but I love the traditional turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. We put ours in the oven but I've noticed over the years many people also fry their turkey or cook them other ways. Of course, being Mr. Poll here I found some poll that had responses about what ways people cook their turkeys for Thanksgiving. These are the results.

    How do you cook your Thanksgiving turkey?
    69.1% Roasted, 13.41% Deep Fried, 10.98% Smoked, 6.1% On the Grill

    Looks like I'm still in the majority with more than 2/3 of people choosing to roast their turkey for Thanksgiving. A good % though deep fry it. As much as we love the Thanksgiving turkey all the sides that go with that special meal are what truly makes it one of the best meals of the year. I hope you have a good Monday even if your mouth is now watering!
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  17. CGYager

    CGYager Santa's Helper in South Dakota MMC Emeritus Member

    Greetings Edge. I bought one of those "counter top" roasters a couple of years back and will not place my bird in the regular over again. I can also get other items in the same roaster and man does that help with clean up (no, I don't use my dishwasher)... Have you got all the ingredients for your feast yet?
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  18. Edge612

    Edge612 Christmas Royalty MMC Premiere Member

    Not yet CG. In another week we will start to pick up everything. We have a special rack that helps us get the turkey in and out easily. It's pretty exciting thinking in 2 weeks it will be one of the best weeks of the year!
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  19. CGYager

    CGYager Santa's Helper in South Dakota MMC Emeritus Member


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  20. e_xander

    e_xander Executive Producer, Tracking Santa MMC Lifer Santa's Elf Christmas Crew Christmas Talk Alum Louann Jeffries Award Kringle Radio DJ

    I used to grill my turkey when I had a gas grill. But life changes and it so happens that I no longer have a gas grill, but I would like to eventually get one so we can grill a turkey again. Man does that taste good! But considering we go to my BIL for Thanksgiving, we may not be grilling for Thanksgiving any time soon.
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