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Jeff Westover

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Oct 7, 2004
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  1. Our simplified version of forum rules is found at this link.

  2. Please review our privacy policy. Operation of the forums requires that we maintain a record of a working email address for each registered user. This is required for operational purposes of the forums only. Your email address or other personal information is never shared for any reason whatsoever with any third party.

  3. Ours is an open community. Registration is required in order to participate. Posting on both message boards and in private conversations is not monitored. Your conduct is expected to fall within the guidelines posted here. Members who market goods or services outside of these guidelines, either publicly or privately, are subject to an immediate ban from the community. Spam of any sort is not tolerated.

  4. Christmas Crew members are trusted and valued community members who are authorized to act on behalf of site ownership at any given time for any given reason for the good of the community. They are volunteers. Each is identified as Christmas Crew members. They can help you in any way and we encourage you to reach out to any one of them.

  5. The Merry Forums has been around for many years and has a great many loyal members who are kind. Please respect their traditions on the boards as you try to become a part of the community. Ask questions. Reach out. You will find them to be welcoming in every way.

  6. English is the official language of the Merry Forums. Posting in other languages is permissible if accompanied by an English language translation.

  7. Please try to use proper grammar. Be mindful of spelling.

  8. Terms like please, thank you and Merry Christmas are encouraged.

  9. Use of profane language is prohibited.

  10. Posting of images, texts, advertisements or links to any kind of adult content is prohibited. We do not tolerate pornography.

  11. Please refrain from referencing alcohol, tobacco, legal or illegal drugs, politics, issues regarding gender or sexuality, or gambling, outside of the context of Christmas.

  12. Respect for the views of others is very important. Christmas is a broad topic and there are many beliefs associated with it. Please endeavor to learn the beliefs of others rather than criticizing.

  13. Discussing news and current events is fine. But please leave politics and other potentially caustic topics to other places online.

  14. Linking to outside websites and social media channels is fine within reason. Please keep links relevant. Posting of affiliate links will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the community.

  15. User capabilities on the forums vary according to membership levels. Please respect those levels and do not try to bypass them artificially. We don’t like banning members but will do so immediately and without discussion for those who spam in any way.

  16. Participation in community events is usually limited to premiere members.

  17. We respect copyrights. Please do not post copyrighted material without permission and attribution from the source. This includes images, text, audio or video files or any kind of art that you do not personally create.

  18. Our community is supported by members in many ways. If you see something that does not work, or feel another member is in violation of these guidelines, please contact us.

  19. We reserve the right to move or reclassify posts. Threads might be closed, moved or edited at our discretion for the benefit of the community.

  20. Santa Claus is a revered member of our community. He, or his authorized representatives with their own approved accounts, will occasionally post messages in appropriate forums. Please do not use “Santa” in any part of your user name. Members impersonating Santa Claus or promoting their own “Santa services” are prohibited.

  21. Sponsors who pay for membership have posting rights in certain forums and can use appropriate images and links in their profiles and signatures. Members of this type are clearly identified as sponsors.

  22. Partners are special members who run other Christmas websites or podcasts who participate in the community. They are identified as “partners” and regular links via their feeds are embedded in appropriate forum areas. If you operate a Christmas venue and would like this kind of membership please contact us.

  23. We reserve the right to amend or add to these guidelines at any time.

  24. While we make every effort keep the Merry Forums clean from abuses of the rules it is a real-time environment that gives posters instant publishing capability. As such, MyMerryChristmas.com is not liable for the content posted on the forums. We will remove offensive material or posts that fall outside of these clear guidelines as soon as we possibly can but cannot make a guarantee such might occasionally be visible for brief periods of time.

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