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Jeff Westover

Chief Elf Officer
MMC Founder
Santa's Elf
Kringle Radio DJ
Oct 7, 2004
Cache Valley, Utah
MyMerryChristmas.com uses email to communicate occasionally with site users:
  • Official Email Addresses – There are a limited number of email addresses from MyMerryChristmas.com. Most email sent from the site is from auto-generated sources that maintain certain functions. Site ownership and Christmas Crew members have email addresses assigned for conducting business associated with the site. Each person is by policy identifiable in email by the user of their forum name or their real name.

  • Auto-generated Email – The operations of the Merry Forums require active, valid email address for every member. If an email on record becomes invalid in time the user account on MyMerryChristmas.com will become “suspended” and the user will be assigned “emeritus” status. Working email addresses are necessary to conform with user-driven feature management such as message notifications, thread replies, calendar events, etc.

  • General Announcement Email – on rare occasions, such as service outages due to maintenance or emergencies, general announcement emails may be sent to all registered users. Occasionally special seasonal events may merit the sending of a general announcement email.

  • Weekly Digest Email – The Merry Forums sends a weekly digest of current and/or trending threads to all users via email. This is an automatic setting but these emails can be disabled via the user control panel via the Preferences Page. This email does not contain advertisements, just links to forum threads.

  • Newsletters – All newsletter database email addresses are double opt-in. Opting out is via an self-regulated link sent with every email. Users maintain control over the reception of this email.

  • Santa-related Emails – MyMerryChristmas.com and associated websites do NOT produce emails, letters or packages from Santa Claus. All Santa related services are free. Notifications via email related to posts, threads, podcasts and frees follow standard site protocol that are user driven. It is the policy of MyMerryChristmas.com to prohibit personal contact with users under the age of 13 or to collect their personal information.

  • General Service Emails – Communications via forums, online forms, and social media are answered in a timely fashion using contact information users provide. That information in not retained for any purpose and is not used again.

  • Spam – MyMerryChristmas.com does not engage in email marketing of products, goods or services to the general public and never will. If you ever receive an email purporting to be from MyMerryChristmas.com selling anything it is likely spoofed by a spam server that is unaffliated with us.

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