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Favourite Christmas Podcast

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Christmas Tinsel, Mar 15, 2020.

What's your favourite Christmas Podcast

This poll will close on Apr 12, 2020 at 10:31 AM.
  1. Merry Little Podcast

  2. Can't Wait For Christmas Podcast

  3. Tinsel Tunes

  4. Christmas Clatter Podcast

  5. Tis The Podcast

  6. Christmas Past Podcast

  7. Christmas Creeps

    0 vote(s)
  8. Hallmark and Jess

    0 vote(s)
  9. It's A 90s Christmas Podcast

  10. Advent Calendar House

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Christmas Tinsel

    Christmas Tinsel Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    One my favourite things Christmas related is Christmas podcasts. A little bit of Christmas magic though the year and there are so many wonderful one's out there. So which one is your favourite. That is my new poll which I going to run it for 28 days then I will nominate the winner to the Christmas Hall of Fame. If I missed your favourite off the vote please let me know.
    Tim Babb and Rich like this.
  2. Rich

    Rich Mrs. Claus' Executive Assistant MMC Donor MMC Premiere Member

    @Tim Babb , you need to cast your vote here!
    I was glad to see your podcast included. :)
  3. Christmas Tinsel

    Christmas Tinsel Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    When I first started listening to podcasts I listened to a wide variety of topics that interested me. My podcast app of choice is Player FM. Then one day I thought is there any podcasts on Christmas. That's when I found Tim Babb and The Can't Wait For Christmas Podcast. I binge listen to all the episodes and have never missed one since. It's thanks to to Tim I heard about MMC and the Christmas Hall of Fame. Speaking of the hall of fame, I think Tim and Jeff both deserve nomination :blinky:
    Rich likes this.
  4. Christmas Tinsel

    Christmas Tinsel Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    Slow on voting for this one. Just 4 votes all of which are for Can't Wait For Christmas Podcast. This poll is open for 28 days, so hopefully voting will pick up. @Tim Babb cast you vote Tim would be awesome if you did. I never miss your podcast.
  5. Tim Babb

    Tim Babb Twinkle Light Checker MMC Donor MMC Partner MMC Premiere Member Santa's Elf

    I will relish this moment while it lasts...before the many fans of the other shows weigh in.

    Thanks to all who enjoy the show. It's an honor just to be nominated :)
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  6. Christmas Tinsel

    Christmas Tinsel Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    Thank you Tim for the great shows you gives us every month. When I first got into podcasts I never thought there'd be podcasts about Christmas. Then I found yours. Fantastic show with great segments. Five golden things, who sang it best, the road to the christmas bowl all brilliant. Also die hard yipee ki yee or yipee ki nee. One of my favourites episodes was the one you did on toys r us really miss that store. Anyway thank Tim keep up the good work, can't wait for the next show and keep laughing all the way. +b
    Tim Babb likes this.
  7. Christmas Tinsel

    Christmas Tinsel Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    Well couple more votes cast today. Stil a bit slow but hope they'll be a late surge. Just listen to the latest episode of the can't wait for christmas podcast another great episode.
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