First of the "100 Days Until" Countdowns! (for me, anyway)


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Oct 18, 2010
Figured I'd share: Yes, like many here, I like to keep track of the milestones for counting down to Christmas, and to Halloween, and usually starting with around the "100 Days Until" milestone.

But I got to noticing: Yesterday (May 29th) marked "100 Days until the start of the NFL Football season!" Yes, Football officially starts on Thursday, September 6th, and that really kicks off the Fall season for me. I usually find myself putting out Fall decorations either that weekend or soon thereafter! (For those unfamiliar with Football, the NFL football season ALWAYS kicks off on the first Thursday after Labor Day, every single year).

Just like for some people there is a build-up (myself included) until the start of the "Christmas Season" (usually 50 days prior to January 1st), or they count down until the start of the "Halloween season" (50 Days prior to Halloween, usually), I tend to note little milestones for Football as well. Stuff like "How many days until 'Pre-Season Football'" (which, this year, is Thursday, August 2nd), or how many days until the start of training camp (usually the last week of July).

It just all gets tied in with me starting to be mindful of the Holidays, and the "Spirit of the Season", and so my "countdown clock" for Halloween/Christmas does tend to start with "100 days until football". :)
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