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Food network fall shows

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by SnowDog, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. SnowDog

    SnowDog Reindeer Pooper Scooper Merry Forums Member

    Hi ya'll,
    Not sure if you all watch the food network but every year they've been doing some really fun fall shows! Last year they had a fantastic pumpkin carving show, my husband and I had a blast watching the amazing things people create! Also really great baking fall & holiday shows. Does anyone else out there watch these? I have no idea when they start but would love to find out!!!
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  2. Festive Spirit

    Festive Spirit Christmas Royalty MMC Lifer

    I always look out for fall and Christmas cooking shows! I just love tuning into them this time of year, it's one of the things I look forward too with the arrival of the Ber months! It helps me settle into the season and gives me ideas.
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  3. snowflake22

    snowflake22 *Harlowe's Mom* MMC Lifer Louann Jeffries Award

    I like to watch them, too!!
    Like Festive said, it’s nice to get recipe ideas...and they are just a lot of seasonal fun!

    Another seasonal cooking, decorating, etc. show that is one of my favorites is the Martha Stewart specials. They often re-air them!


    The Travel Channel also has great haunted history shows!
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  4. WintersElf

    WintersElf Mistletoeologist MMC Lifer MMC Premiere Member Christmas Talk Alum

    I love the cooking shows for holidays and the challenge ones with bakery sweets..cakes and cupcakes etc..Holiday baking cookie challenge and the new one wedding cake challenge.someone do let us know when these are coming on...halloween pumpkin carving challenge.
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  5. Minta

    Minta Charles Dickens' Editor MMC Lifer Christmas Crew

    Saturday mornings you can find new episodes of many of their shows and the episodes usually follow the seasons too.
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  6. Holiday

    Holiday North Pole Resident MMC Lifer Alum

    I don't watch Food Network too often, but I do like watching during the Fall/Christmas season! I also get their magazine.

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