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Happy Nikolaus DAY!!!!

Discussion in 'Traditions & Memories' started by trackrebel, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. trackrebel

    trackrebel candy cane hustla MMC Lifer

    Millions of German (and I think swiss and austrian kids as well) woke up this morning....running to their Boots or socks they put in fron of the room door or housedoor to see if Nikolaus came......Of course he did and he put fruits, nuts, candy and usually a small present in some kids...NIkolaus comes in the the house and asks them if they were good or bad....of cousre usually kids have been "good" and get their presents directly instead of him putting it in their shoes or socks....

    Kandice woke up to a sock full of candy, fruits, nuts and a stuffed Donald Duck.....You shoulda seen her face...such a happy little girl!!!!
  2. whychristmas

    whychristmas Webmaster Partner, <a href="http://www.whychristma MMC Lifer MMC Emeritus Member MMC Partner

    ahhh, that's lovely! How old is Kandice?

    I think He might have visited Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and parts of France and Italy as well!!! What a busy guy ;)
  3. trackrebel

    trackrebel candy cane hustla MMC Lifer

    I´m not sure about France....cos they have Pére Noel coming on Christmas Day...but true Holland has it...I think he´s called Sinter Klaas there (I read that is the term that finally led to Santa Clause)...and many other countries....:D I just didn´t want to post any wrong information.

    Kandice is 2 years and 9 months...I will post pictures of her today later this week
  4. pinkini

    pinkini MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    st nicholas came to our house! he does every year - we observe his feast day because we are catholic. we received some candy, cookies. :D

    we are volunteering today with the salvation army in his honor because st nicholas was so generous and loving to the poor.
  5. trackrebel

    trackrebel candy cane hustla MMC Lifer

    pinkini...that´s a great thing to do!!! I´m a protestant and don´t really pray to Saints....but St. Nicholas was a great man who gave to the poor....just as St. honoring them and doing charity in their name is a great thing to do...NIkolaus Day is one of my favorite days in the year....especially when I was a kid.....and since I was never really bad....I never had to be scared of getting hit with his switch...:D......tho I have to say....there was always a little worry if I am on his good list
  6. Ms_Speedy_Elf

    Ms_Speedy_Elf MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    Can't wait to see the photo's of Kandice ! :D

    My b/f told me that when his family lived in Germany while his dad was in the service they too observed "St Nikolaus Day" .He said that they set wooden shoe's outside the door to receive their treat's.This was in the mid to late 1950's .
  7. kcmsom76

    kcmsom76 Mistletoe Hanger Merry Forums Member

    Happy Nikolaus Day to you and your family!!! :}
  8. Mumof2

    Mumof2 One Happy lil Elf MMC Lifer

    I like that,waking up to lil gifts and fruits...Do you guys put the stockings at the end of the bed? My dad used to do it for us...I can't wait to see the pics either Trackrebel. I can just imagine her lil face.awww

    Happy Nikolaus Day!! to ya.
  9. trackrebel

    trackrebel candy cane hustla MMC Lifer

    no....we put the socks on the was hanging there for at least 2 and half weeks...cos it´s part of the decoration.....yesterday evening I took her by my hand and told her, that if Nikolaus comes....he will put a little present in the sock.......when I was little my mom had two cute little red boots (not to wear) for my brother and I....they actually looked like Santa Boots....we always put them outside...

    Speedy....I never heard of the wooden something new everyday
  10. VeryWelshXmasLover

    VeryWelshXmasLover MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    Thats lovely! I hope that you have had a lovely day! :D x
  11. Ms_Speedy_Elf

    Ms_Speedy_Elf MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    I know,that sounds more like something they would do in Holland .
  12. trackrebel

    trackrebel candy cane hustla MMC Lifer

    that´s what I was thinking....I immediately had those girls in this traditional dutch dress and wooden shoes on my mind
  13. Petronius

    Petronius Elf Supervisor Merry Forums Member

    Saint Nicholas Day in Budapest, Hungary

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