Wanted Join the Christmas Crew! We need qualified Chat Hosts

Jeff Westover

Chief Elf Officer
MMC Founder
Santa's Elf
Kringle Radio DJ
Oct 7, 2004
Cache Valley, Utah
We are looking for individuals who would be passionate about developing a strong chat community on MyMerryChristmas. We want to use the chat rooms to host Christmas experts and to lead Christmas-themed events via chat.

For example, we might recruit Christmas book authors to discuss their new books. Or perhaps we can find artists who will share and talk about their new music. Maybe we can find Christmas decorating creators who can come share their expertise.

We need leaders who can help us in this capacity. We want three individuals who can speak to their own Christmas passions in working this out:

- Develop a chat content calendar
- Find interesting guests to feature
- Host and promote the events here on the Merry Forums
- Promote the events on social media and other platforms
- Work with the MMC editorial team in developing supporting articles, banners and other content

Like all crew postions this is a volunteer endeavor. Please message me privately with your thoughts about taking any of this on.

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