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Announcement New Feature: Christmas Reviews

Jeff Westover

Chief Elf Officer
MMC Founder
Santa's Elf
Kringle Radio DJ
Oct 7, 2004
Cache Valley, Utah
We're pleased to announce a new feature to the Merry Marketplace called "Christmas Reviews". Click here to check one out.

This is a place where any one of us can review any kind of Christmas thing -- a product, a website, a performance, an album, a movie, a book, a podcast, etc -- really anything Christmas related. Because these reviews come from you I believe they will carry some weight -- because you are the ones actually spending money and investing time in Christmas stuff.

I've posted a sample review based on a real life experience I had with a product this last Christmas.

You can dig in now but like many new features underway this one is being tweaked as we go along. Future improvements to this will include an effort to reach out to the makers of the products, goods and services we review as well as a "promotion" of some sort for our members who take the time to do this.

In order the build value to the Marketplace we are hoping this new section will speak to the consumers and not as much to the makers of Christmas stuff. If you see something out there you think is great we hope that by using this feature you help the community first by sharing.

We are especially hopeful of seeing reviewed the stuff of small business anywhere. We all have Target, Walmart and Amazon available to us -- but who has the small town shop or Christmas business available to them. This unbiased feature we hope will give attention to small businesses who create great Christmas stuff and we hope it steers more Christmas enthusiasts their way.

We welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions.


North Pole's RN
MMC Lifer
Christmas Crew
Oct 2, 2010
Central Pa
What an awesome idea!
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Dang Near Santa Himself
MMC Lifer
Sep 21, 2019
new england
What a fantastic idea. LOVE IT!!

Is there a template that people should fill out or will they just write it as they see fit?

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