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Real or artificial

Discussion in 'Home & Family' started by Christmasplease, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Christmasplease

    Christmasplease Mistletoeologist MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Talk Alum

    Do you have a real tree or an artificial tree? When do you put it up? My artificial trees go up anywhere in between Nov. 1 and Nov. 15, depending on how busy I am.
  2. Holiday

    Holiday North Pole Resident MMC Lifer Alum

    I have 2 artificial + other small artificial trees. If I'm not hosting Thanksgiving I start on my main tree the Friday before Thanksgiving, which would be Nov. 17th this year. So exciting!!! If I host Thanksgiving I will start that weekend.
  3. christmasjingles

    christmasjingles Elf Supervisor MMC Lifer

    We have 1 artificial tree that goes up after Thanksgiving, usually.
  4. novelist

    novelist Santa's Sleigh Designer MMC Lifer

    We have an artifical prelit tree. It goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving.
  5. pattyjo

    pattyjo Elf Supervisor MMC Lifer Christmas Talk Alum

    I have 1 artificial tree that I put up in the last week of November..
  6. Minta

    Minta Charles Dickens' Editor MMC Lifer Christmas Crew

    7 Artificial trees although I would love to get a real one from the front porch with the roots still intact so we could plant it in the yard afterwards.
  7. SnowflakeMom

    SnowflakeMom Dang Near Santa Himself MMC Lifer

  8. MichelleluvsChristmas

    MichelleluvsChristmas Christmas Aficionado MMC Lifer

    I too have an artificial tree (although I'd love to have a real one as well) and I actually put everything up on Halloween!
    I live in apartments so we never get kids, and I just have never really been into Halloween.
    I take the evening, turn off the lights, and turn on some Christmas music and start putting stuff up. I really try to prolong the time the decor is out because before we know it, January will be here and it will be time to take them down.
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  9. savingstar

    savingstar Twinkle Light Checker MMC Lifer Alum Christmas Talk Alum

    sadly i can only have artificial inside as my husband is allergic to real ones but i have 3 real ones in my garden i brought last year so jus waiting form them to grow
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  10. Festive Spirit

    Festive Spirit Christmas Royalty MMC Lifer

    We changed to artificial about three years ago. Usually we put it up about the last weekend in Novemeber or thereabouts. This year as we have moved to a bigger home, we may get a real tree as well which will go up in December so it remains fresh. Nothing beats the smell!
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  11. Christmasplease

    Christmasplease Mistletoeologist MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Talk Alum

    I want the smell of pine but I will have to use something other than a tree to get it.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2017
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  12. Rennabelle

    Rennabelle Merry Forums Elf, 1st Class MMC Lifer

    Have had real trees all my life. We normally go out into the woods to cut them down.
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  13. Christmasplease

    Christmasplease Mistletoeologist MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Talk Alum

    I have never cut down a real tree, that must be so amazing!!!
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  14. ChantelleJoy

    ChantelleJoy Partner, MMC Partner MMC Premiere Member

    I cut down my first "real" tree in 2005 and got addicted. We went to a little Tree Farm north of my hometown and although I live on the other side of the world now and can't visit each year, and I was in my mid-20s when it started, It will always be one of my favourite Christmas traditions.

    I have a "Fake" tree in my bedroom that goes up on November 25th every year, and a real (pre-cut) tree for the livingroom which usually goes up the first or second weekend of December (can't keep them too long, they dry out!)
  15. SilentNight490

    SilentNight490 Snowman Engineer MMC Lifer

    Always artificial. I would feel bad cutting down a tree just to throw it away a month later, which I know this is something many people do but personally I wouldn't do that.
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  16. Puternut

    Puternut Tinsel Straightener Merry Forums Member

    Mine is up all year so to speak, it's get's covered and wheeled into a walk-in closet along with my other inside décor.
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  17. shrcpark

    shrcpark Reindeer Feeder Technician Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    A lot of little artificial trees and one big real one.
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  18. Christmasplease

    Christmasplease Mistletoeologist MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Talk Alum

    I wish I had the space to do that. That’s great!
  19. Ornamentmaven

    Ornamentmaven Merry Forums Elf, 2nd Class Merry Forums Member

    One 7.5 foot, one 4 foot, and one 3 foot - as well as several very small ones - all artificial. The 3 foot goes up in my bedroom in early to mid November and is decorated with Hallmark's Madame Alexander doll ornaments. My daughter and her boyfriend put up the 4 footer in her room in December and it is decorated in ornaments they have purchased for each other - primarily in a gold theme.
    My main tree goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving in the living room and is overloaded with ornaments collected over many years. I alternate the "background" colors - some years it is teal ribbon and topper with silver beading, some years white garland and an angel topper, some years red garland with a finial style topper, This year I purchased a new white and gold angel topper. I plan to add wide white ribbon and gold beads.
    I also set up my white ceramic tree and my small white tree (with a Rudolph theme) the weekend after Thanksgiving. I have to wait until after Thanksgiving as I always have guests that day!
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  20. ballcoach

    ballcoach Elf Supervisor MMC Lifer


    I love the smell of a real tree, but I also like to put my tree up the first weekend of November. I have found that it is a stretch for a tree to make it that I just substitute an artificial tree and have a scented candle or some house spray that is scented like a real tree....easier clean-up, also.
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