Saint Patrick Day

Tom Zart

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Nov 12, 2007

Born in Britain late in the forth century,
Young Patrick's father was a deacon of the church.
Victim of raiders coming ashore at night,
He was taken beyond his families search.

One of the most famous saints of old Ireland,
Who was kidnapped by slave traders at sixteen.
A shepherd boy living a life of misery,
Among pagan captors who chose to be mean.

His religious beliefs through hardships deepen,
And a truly devout young man he became.
Till one night while sleeping he heard his Lord's voice,
Commanding him to return home without shame.

Fleeing, he made his way back to his people,
And later he studied the priesthood in France.
Returning to Ireland as a bishop,
He became a legend of song and dance.

He compared the shamrock to trinity,
And drove Irelands snakes away without fear.
Today most people celebrate his sainthood
By way of parades, parties, cheer and beer!

By Tom Zart
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