Thank You! Supporting MyMerryChristmas

Jeff Westover

Chief Elf Officer
MMC Founder
Santa's Elf
Kringle Radio DJ
Oct 7, 2004
Cache Valley, Utah
With all the changes you have seen at MyMerryChristmas the past several months there are a number of other things going on behind the scenes that are not quite as visible.

The year 2020 has affected all of us and I'm not exempt -- I've been unemployed the entire year. And yes, it has impacted my ability to keep things running.

In May, a great number of folks from our Christmas Crew stepped up within hours to help after I had informed them that my ability to continue was in question.

As humbling as that was for me personally and as grateful as I am for the reprieve, I fully realize that the way forward means taking the site in new directions.

For nearly three decades we have evolved off the feedback and suggestions of those who have shared their Christmas ideas with us. I'm not asking for a handout -- I'm asking for more feedback and a hand in helping us figure out how to survive. You can do this in a couple of ways:

1. Contact me privately with your thoughts. I've never tried to "make money" with MyMerryChristmas before because I just don't want to be another shill profiting off of Christmas. And for 29 years it has been an acceptable out-of-pocket expense for me because I enjoy Christmas and sharing it with you. The rewards in love have been more than enough for the all the work we have put into it. Now I need to make money off of it. I don't want to do that without hearing from you. I worry about losing the folks we have, I worry about gaining the folks we're going to need. I need more than my head in this.

2. Help others find us -- particularly small businesses who might benefit from MyMerryChristmas. The world of advertising and business overall is really, really bad right now. I'm more than willing to work with those who will work with me. We'll barter, trade and discount as we need in trying to make things happen. I don't want to advertise the Amazon's of the world. If we can extend the good that MMC does to small business from wherever any of live then I think we're extending our mission in the right way.

3. We're working on our own Christmas products to sell. This has actually been something of a Christmas dream of mine for many years. Before it was kind of a fun fantasy. Now it's something I have to do. My problem with most Christmas products I see or buy out there is that they are cheap and I don't want to do that. So it's taking some time, but eventually you will see us develop our own brands and products. If you have ideas, sources or want to partner in some way, I'm all ears.

4. For many years we have accepted donations for Santa's Sleigh and to support the site. That's been a passive effort, just a button or a link here or there. Being Christmas, we have had many generous donations in the past that have helped us from many kind folks in the community. I hate to ask. But for the next year or so at least, I have to. These links will remain a secondary part of the site, I'm not going to put up any flash or make any over the top push. You can see how we're doing here.

I know many of you, like me, are scrambling at this time, too. I know the best most can do is to wish us luck. And that to me is the most necessary thing of all.

If you cannot do anything else please continue to visit, please continue to share your Christmas, please continue to shine your love on this little endeavor. It means more than you know.



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