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The classic "five and dime" stores...

Discussion in 'Traditions & Memories' started by ChristmasRose, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. ChristmasRose

    ChristmasRose MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    Does anyone happen to have memories of Christmastime (during the 1950s and 1960s) when visiting the F.W.Woolworth Company and J.J. Newberry dimestores...? Sadly, ours disappeared many years ago.

    At Christmastime both of these stores were brimming with sweet fragrances coming from the candy counters (especially the chocolates...!) Popcorn would be freshly popping, windows would be stunningly decked to the hilt and Santa would be greeting young and old alike.

    Gifts were quite reasonably priced and affordable selections abounded...! :sparkle:
  2. rodmonster

    rodmonster Santa's Personal Trainer MMC Lifer Christmas Crew

    I was born in the early 70s and i still have those memories!
    I loved Woolworths! Was one of my favs as a kid. And then in Broken Arrow Ok, we had a real 5 and 10 as was an old Mom and Pop shop on the main drag. It was awesome! All the best kid toys and candy in the world!
    I miss em!

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  3. Snow-in-Texas

    Snow-in-Texas Dang Near Santa Himself MMC Lifer MMC Emeritus Member

    I used to absolutely love Woolworths! We had one that I could walk to when I was a kid in Baltimore. My brother and sister and I would walk there all the time. Of course in that same neighborhood today, I would be afraid to walk around the block.
  4. made582

    made582 MMC's Ambassador to the North Pole MMC Lifer Kringle Radio DJ Louann Jeffries Award Christmas Crew Santa's Elf

    We had woolworths around here until the mid 80's. I remeber going there as a young kid and loving it. Now the mall that it was in is sitting empty with a chain link fence around it.
  5. G.Bailey

    G.Bailey Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    I was a kid in the 70's, but unfortunately there were no Woolworths within walking distance. We did however have a Ben Franklin's. Not sure if anyone remembers these or if they were outside of Illinois, but they were five & dimes. In fact when we would get our allowance, which was always a quarter, we could go up to the Ben Franklin and buy any number of things. I always seemed to buy a little rubber skeleton and candy. Was a good place for a small town kid..
  6. Adam

    Adam Formally xrockchild Merry Forums Member

    What happened to the company? Did they go out of business?
  7. Snow-in-Texas

    Snow-in-Texas Dang Near Santa Himself MMC Lifer MMC Emeritus Member

    If you mean Woolworths, I think they still exist in other countries, just not in the US anymore. However I think they own the athletic shoe store Foot Locker.
  8. judesmama

    judesmama ...and Noel's mama, too! MMC Lifer Christmas Crew

    I was born in the '80s and we had a Woolworth's in the mall up until the early '90s! I specifically remember buying Halloween costumes there every year as a young kid. :)
  9. Mumof2

    Mumof2 One Happy lil Elf MMC Lifer

    I loved Woolworth's.We had another five & dime store here call McCrory's,It was in Cleary Square in Hyde Park(A Neighborhood in Boston) I LOVED that store too.Shame they all went under in the late 90's.
  10. Billy Battles

    Billy Battles Santa's Doppelganger MMC Lifer MMC Donor

    I had a Woolworths not to far from where I grew up. It closed in the late 80's or early 90's. I was a big deal at the time.
  11. Annette1990

    Annette1990 MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    I also recall Woolworth's and of course Montgomery Wards. Sadly gone are the days.
  12. G.Bailey

    G.Bailey Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member

    I suppose that these countless number of dollar stores are the new five and dimes. I was actually in one today while I was waiting for my tires to be put on. It definitely didnt have that ol' five and dime smell, but it seemed to be loaded with a bunch of useful and useless junk. They don't feel as quaint or amazing as the old ones, but I guess I'm just an old man now.
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  13. Christmas24/7

    Christmas24/7 Snowman Engineer MMC Lifer

    We had a Sprouse Reitz (sp?).
  14. Bradmac

    Bradmac It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! MMC Lifer Christmas Card Exchanger

    Our's is a small town, so we didn't have a Woolworth's, but a local family ran our five & dime. Thain's Five & Dime was my favorite store to visit when I was a kid! cheesy
  15. Wenceslaus

    Wenceslaus MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

  16. Meceka

    Meceka MMC Associate Editor MMC Lifer MMC Donor Kringle Radio DJ Louann Jeffries Award Christmas Card Exchanger Christmas Crew 2018 Ornament Exchanger Santa's Elf

    I loved Woolworth's!! There was one in Caro up until Wal-Mart set up business in town. My mom and I used to go there at least once a week to eat and browse the books that were located across from the booths. The cherry Cokes were made using the Coke on tap and the maraschino cherries for the sundaes - they were so good!! I don't know of any place that does that now.
  17. One Spoiled Brat

    One Spoiled Brat MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    I loved going to Woolworth's as a kid, not just at Christmas...My fondest memory about it is going to the lunch counter, popping a balloon and getting a banana split for what ever the price in the balloon was....I can actually remember at least one or two 1 cent ones....Wow...Happy days, they were....:snowball:
  18. Michael Austin

    Michael Austin MMC Emeritus Member MMC Emeritus Member

    It's great to hear that you had a Woolworth's as late as the '90s. It disappeared much earlier here in Boston - and I miss it still. I remember the small plastic nativity figures. They might be tacky by today's standards but a friend of mine pointed out how when children wanted to touch them she would encourage them to pick them up and then tell the children who and what this was all about Woolworth's did a good selling job without knowing it.
  19. angelpugs

    angelpugs Dang Near Santa Himself MMC Lifer Christmas Card Exchanger Christmas Crew Christmas Talk Alum 2018 Ornament Exchanger

    I remember them both as my parents use to shop there,they were great places although you can find alot of things they had online on those retro-vintage places.-tree-
  20. MerryCarey

    MerryCarey A Voice from the North MMC Lifer MMC Donor Kringle Radio DJ Louann Jeffries Award Christmas Card Exchanger Christmas Crew Santa's Elf

    When I was little, the next town over from us had a shopping plaza with a Woolworth's AND a Woolco (that was Wooworth's chain of department stores). I still remember that Woolworth's. You could get everything from underwear to craft supplies to hamsters and parakeets. They even had a lunch counter. I think both the Woolworth's and the Woolco disappeared in the 1980s. BTW, at that same shopping plaza, not far from the Woolworth's, in a shabby little outdoor setup, I had my first picture taken with Santa. (He looked rather shabby, too, even to a 3-year-old!)

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