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Santa's Working Overtime Top Tweets (and Retweets) for the first week of September (Part 1)

Discussion in 'Music' started by ElfBot, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Here are the top tweet & Retweets from the SWO universe for the first week of September (Part One)

    Christmas is Coming (Wonderland (Golden) Records) via @YouTube

    — Christmas50s60s (@Christmas50s60s) September 4, 2017

    CHRISTMAS MOVIE DVD RELEASES for 2017!!! #YesVirginis #Hallmark #BradyBunch #Murdoch #Peanuts

    — Dinsdale Kringle (@SantasWorkingOT) September 5, 2017

    Not a New Thing: Christmas in July, Halloween Candy in August, Pumpkin Spice in September...

    — Dinsdale Kringle (@SantasWorkingOT) September 5, 2017

    September 5, 1957: Elvis began working on his Christmas album, at Radio Recorders.

    — EP Fans of Nashville (@EPNashvilleFans) September 5, 2017

    34 Amazing Color Photos That Capture Chicago at Night in the 1960s

    — Christmas50s60s (@Christmas50s60s) September 5, 2017

    29 of the best Christmas films of all time via @CosmopolitanUK

    — Dinsdale Kringle (@SantasWorkingOT) September 5, 2017

    Christmas is coming early! I'm excited to announce that I have a new Christmas album & tour coming! Pre-order here:

    — Lindsey Stirling (@LindseyStirling) September 5, 2017

    The Tackier the Better: 10 Ugly/Great Christmas Sweaters via @MarieClaire

    — Dinsdale Kringle (@SantasWorkingOT) September 5, 2017

    Sarah Darling Teases Christmas Album

    — CelebMix (@CelebMix) September 5, 2017

    10 Christmas Ham Recipes That Will Have Holiday Guests Craving Seconds

    — Country Living (@CountryLiving) September 5, 2017

    111 days till Christmas Retweet if you remember the good old 'glass bulb' fairy lights just like these... ☃

    — I❤80s (@IL0VEthe80s) September 5, 2017

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