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Tutorial User Ladder and Trophy Points

Jeff Westover

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Oct 7, 2004
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The Merry Forums uses two different activity measurements – the User Ladder and Trophy Points.

The User Ladder is a progressive series of ranks each member can achieve. The more messages a user posts on the forums the higher in “rank” they will go.

With each rank achieved they get a change in their user title (which appears before their username). Progression is marked by adding to the post total as follows:

Merry Forums Newbie – 0 posts
Christmas Fan – 5 posts
Tinsel Straightener – 25 posts
Mistletoe Hanger – 50 posts
Reindeer Pooper Scooper – 75 posts
Twinkle Light Checker – 100 posts
Chestnut Roaster – 150 posts
Eggnog Chugger – 250 posts
Snowman Engineer – 300 posts
Merry Forums Elf, 3rd Class – 350 posts
Merry Forums Elf, 2nd Class – 400 posts
Merry Forums Elf, 1st Class – 500 posts
Elf Choir Book Distributor – 600 posts
Elf Supervisor – 700 posts
Sugar Cookie Tester – 1000 posts
Santa Clausologist – 1250 posts
Mistletoeologist – 1500 posts
Santa’s Sleigh Designer – 1750 posts
Ornament Craftsman – 2000 posts
Fruit Cake Baker – 2500 posts
Mrs. Claus’ Executive Assistant – 3000 posts
Christmasologist – 4000 posts
Dang Near Santa Himself – 5000 posts
Charles Dickens’ Editor – 7500 posts
Rudolph’s Groomer – 10,000 posts
Christmas Royalty – 15,000 posts
Santa’s Mentor – 25,000 posts
North Pole Resident – 50,000 posts
Christmas Diety – 100,000 posts
Magi – 250,000 posts
Christmas Altair – 500,000 posts
Leader of the Heavenly Host – 750,000 posts
The Christmas Star – 1,000,000 posts

NOTE: Premiere memberships allow users to set a custom title, thus bypassing the set User Ladder.

Trophy points are where the totality of forum activity is rewarded.

Points are awarded for every post, every “like”, every day registered, every image and album posted to the media gallery, etc. Points are awarded for every imaginable activity on the forum.

To view the points you have earned just click on the “points” total in your profile. There you will see an accounting of all the points you have received and when you have received them.


To see a list of members with the most points please go to the “Most Points” page under the Members menu.

The race to gain trophy points depends on a variety of factors. You get points for longevity – the longer you are register the more points you get for being registered. You can even get points for achieving new point levels. (To see an example of that just look at the profile and the points of any member at the top of the charts for points).

Be aware of certain activities that can reward you with a large number of points. For example, the new Referral feature offers 100,000 points if you recruit a new member to the Merry Forums who eventually makes 25 posts. The idea, of course, is to build the community – hence the super-high value placed on points related to this activity.

Anything that adds content to the site – like a new user would – will add points faster than anything else. For example, the use of the Member Media Gallery, will very quickly add points to your total. The Media Gallery are images, video and audio files that you add to the gallery. (For example, if you upload just 5 items to the Media Gallery you get 500 points!)

What’s the point of gaining all these points?

Members who achieve 5 million points or more become MMC Lifers – an exclusive status that belongs right now only to those members of the Merry Forums who joined between 2004 and 2009. MMC Lifers have full premiere member status for life without paying anything for it.
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