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What is your worst/least favorite month to pass in the countdown?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by SolidSnake84, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. SolidSnake84

    SolidSnake84 Tinsel Straightener Merry Forums Member

    We are all Christmas lovers here and as such counting down to Christmas is a pastime many of us on here enjoy; so let me ask you all this: What is your least favorite month to pass while you are waiting for the upcoming Christmas season?

    I have to say that mine is March. March for me seems to be a month where all momentum seems to be momentarily lost. By January i have overcame the brief initial post-Christmas sadness that is staved off once New Years is over and we have started a new countdown season. January is a long month but for most of it, we have our lights and decorations up, as do a lot of the other houses in the neighborhood. February seems to go quicker, and as a shorter month, it seems to fly by. But entering March, my Christmas spirit meter is about empty. If I am fortunate, we get a snowstorm or two to remind me of Christmas, but at the worst, it is a long, cold, and bleak month. And at this point wishing for Christmas seems like a losing option. But once i get out of March, hope comes back and excitement is restored!

    My entire month of April is usually spent with excitement that it is Spring, and warm outside activities and chores have helped me not miss Christmas so bad. And i live three miles from a Hobby Lobby. Our local one begins putting out their Christmas stuff at the end of April / beginning of May. So once i've made it that far, I get the luxury of going as often as I want to look at the decorations and smells the candles & scented wax, etc.! That is when my meter recharges and i am at 100% excitement again by the time fun things roll around like Leon Day (Halfway to Christmas on June 25th), and Christmas in July on QVC and stuff! That's when it finally feels like time is passing comfortably and easy again. Thanks for hearing my story :)
  2. Christmasplease

    Christmasplease Ornament Craftsman MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Talk Alum

    Wow, you’re right! March (even thought its my bday month) is a tough one!!!! But because of my bday, I would have to say that Feb. is TERRIBLE for me.
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  3. NutcrackerGeek

    NutcrackerGeek Reindeer Pooper Scooper Merry Forums Member

    One time several years ago somewhere in early-mid January, I was walking through my local supermarket and was noticing all the Christmas stuff was just about gone, which got me so depressed I actually shed a couple tears as I walked out the store! So I vote for January because that's the month all the Christmas-y stuff goes away and you've got to wait a whole 10-11 months for Christmas season to arrive again!
  4. SolidSnake84

    SolidSnake84 Tinsel Straightener Merry Forums Member

    I felt the same way the first time I accidentally went into Hobby Lobby the third week of December to get a last minute gift for a co-worker. When i got inside, almost all of the Christmas was gone and relegated to just a small isle. It took my breath away for a minute and i felt like i could cry. At that moment i realized that soon Christmas would be over and i was in for a long and hard fight to get back to the springtime where i would be rewarded with sights and smells of Christmas again, as the craft shops slowly started filling their inventory again. I think i was around 32 or 33 and that was one of the first times i felt sadness upon realizing Christmas was going to be over. This was around the same time in my life when i discovered unfortunately that post Christmas Depression was a very real thing..
  5. JoseChung

    JoseChung Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    January is tough... but the summer is tedious for me. You know Halloween and Christmas is close but there's nothing you can do but slowly wait for stuff to come into the stores
  6. Christmasplease

    Christmasplease Ornament Craftsman MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Talk Alum

    I know that feeling. We have Canadian Tire, and it’s called “Canada’s Christmas Store”. I love the one by my house, as they start slowly getting ready in September. Their decorated trees are lovely. They have so much “stuff”! One year I went in the second week of December and most of the beautifully decorated trees were gone, and a lot of the merchandise was gone. I asked a sales associate where the trees went, and they told me they donate them to hospitals, shelters, etc. I was happy to hear that, but oh my gosh, it changed my mood that day. I no longer go into Canadian Tire after the first week of December.:eek:
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  7. SolidSnake84

    SolidSnake84 Tinsel Straightener Merry Forums Member

    And i'm always fortunate in that regard, because i'm 3 miles away from a Hobby Lobby, and every year going back to about 2013/2014 since we got them, they have always started putting the Christmas stuff back in the stores little by little around the end of April - 1st week of May. So once i get through January and February, the long wait for me is horrible March. Once April hits and i see that first little bit of stuff, i am on cruise control / pilot for the rest of the spring / summer, and happy and content waiting for Fall (September) when Christmas stuff is out at ALL of the big box stores, and not just my local craft stores like Hobby Lobby & Jo Ann Fabrics, etc...
  8. SolidSnake84

    SolidSnake84 Tinsel Straightener Merry Forums Member

    Hey friend i just wanted to tell you, and I think this is AWESOME, but your avatar picture is actually my desktop computer background right now. Once a month a change the backgrounds to new Christmas-type pictures, and this is my background for October. Too cool!
  9. KimB

    KimB Chestnut Roaster Merry Forums Member MMC Premiere Member

    I've learned every day is a blessing. I will say that after Christmas I'm ready to go back in the outdoor heated pool. If January is cold, they turn the heater off and that makes the month long and boring. Same with February. Usually, by March the weather breaks and the pool stays warm. So, if I had to pick, January.
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  10. Christmasplease

    Christmasplease Ornament Craftsman MMC Lifer MMC Donor Santa's Elf Christmas Talk Alum

  11. 'Tis the season

    'Tis the season Mrs. Claus' Executive Assistant MMC Lifer MMC Donor

    I just need to get January over. I like winter in general but the comedown in January is hard to take.
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