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You Know You are a Mardi Gras Addict When....


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Jul 27, 2008
Feel free to add to the list!!!!

Your first priority for buying a house is if it's on a parade route or not.

You know your choice of a mate is correct if they live on a parade route.

You can tell the day of week by which parade is rolling that day.

You know how many floats are in a parade, and when to leave so that
you can catch all the other parades in the area on that same day.

You catch 6 or 7 parades in less then a twelve hour period and then go
home and watch the television coverage and then get up in six hours to repeat this process..

You sleep out under some type of make shift tent at midnight in the pouring rain so you can have a prime spot for a parade that won't be there until that next afternoon.

You know where all the clean bath rooms are on the parade routes.

You purchase vehicles that are large enough to haul everyone to the parade.

You have your own potty john in the back of a pickup truck.

You have memorized all the back streets behind the parades so that you can get from one parade to another without missing a float..

You know where there are spots to park next to parade that no one else does making it easier to get to the next parade.

You have each one of your family members trained to know what to pick up and load onto and into van/truck with the efficiency of a pit crew at a car race; to minimize the time it take to get to all the other parades.

You can pack up and set up in under one minute for the next parade.

You own a complete wardrobe of purple, green and gold clothes to last the entire Mardi Gras. Plus making sure it is both for summer or winter weather

You own a Purple Green and Gold Bathing Suit.

You remember people's names on specific floats so the next time you see the parade you will go holler for that krewe member to get some beads.

You have a Christmas Tree Decorated in Purple Green and Gold

You have your tree up through Fat Tuesday.

You eat at a bad restaurant 2 hours before a parade just so that you have a place to park in their parking lot, which just happens to be on a parade route.

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